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March 1st, 2011

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groups, according to the nature of their cause— into paralyses from causes that
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Oobbold's " Entozoa," Blaine's " Yeterinary Art," Fleming's " Essay
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tors to which etiological importance has been assigned. They are' indeed
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only after marked alcoholic excesses. Periodical dipsomania itself may even
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Anaesthesia occurs only rarely. The reflexes are generally normal. An in-
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Conjoint Clinical Course 301. Introductory Course. — (See page 27.)
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Hospitals. — ^The Toronto Greneral Hospital and the Bumside Lying-
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froa eggs at tim of receipt and fro© eggs In storage.
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4C. Clerkship. — Municipal Contagious Hospital. 1 week. Required. Grissom.
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research are offered. Fee, 20 dols. Physiology : . Opportimities for
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if a distinct apoplectic attack or a pronounced hemiplegia does not ensue,
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