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March 1st, 2011

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out through the cooperation of the New York State Com

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those of paralysis are variable disturbance of sensation and sphincteric control

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or with a chronic blepharoconjunctivitis and the Petit bacillus with

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the sensational press and the public already educated

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the most pleasing pictures to be found in the gallery of

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tubules. Here they mechanically irritate the host requisition

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day or two after he was drowsy and became amnesic about six

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used it. I would refer for example to William James s

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terest in both was continuous and always great at one

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We have seen an entire herd of Holstein cattle with the white

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continued by the absence of work during the first six weeks on foreign

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certain to suffer from retenf inn nff i f . Calves are almost

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cautery is a destructive element even more powerful than the knife.

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appendicitis and who was suffering from perhaps the most

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It is well known that engorgements of the mammanr glands are frequently

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fever were returned in Baltimore the deaths from small pox were

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lar region Linea spina umbilicalis dextra very sensitive

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municipal governmcnlR for the publication and distribution of litera

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ward the correction of those accompanying disturbances in the

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of obliterative endarteritis neither does he support the statement of

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ceases and nei vous iri itability decreases or dis

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and inclined to irregularity lie had a niusl ilistie.ssing

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heavy cloth or felt linings. Use only harness linings of light leather.

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halte nur das elastische Gewebe in Betracht zu ziehen. Von

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an antiquated and wholly unnecessary office. By the way to use the

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wish he were as he professeth that he had the knowledge of

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the already failing acid neutralization. George W. Crile Man

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should be done before a man began his anatomical studies. The study

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dem Temperaturfalle. Eine Tachykardie von 120 Pulsschlagen

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imagined that the circumstance might furnish means for enabling us

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that we shall eventually find in every person dying

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been described in a previous publication. In all other cases the fecal

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considers it to be on a level with the bath treatment.

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treatment of rickets and used it with apparent success but his success has

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A condition of leucokeratosis of the tongue resembling tylosis

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Iu a certain number of cases in which there has been a

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Worthington Robt.Alfred 18 The Avenue Hale End nr. Chingford June 10 1909

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As propellers and levers we find the same action from heel to

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small insulated compartments each with its own pan of wafer is best

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not consider that the hyperglycaemia in diabetes can possibly be explained

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Dr. Edward P. Vollum United States Army retired in the

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ilium. The patient s color and symptoms indicated that the

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children who are of unhealthy parents and badly fed and

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ficial inflammation and in cases of syphilitic inflammation of

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litic and the skin dry and scaly. Fluctuation may sometimes be ob

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would involve the landlord interest against them and would find

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in pneumoiUB ootha wliJch is oothlng mora tliau a febrile brondial

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tinue Well gentlemen the proper medical treatment of all diseases

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cases will inevitably lead to a septic condition of the lung and not

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gut sutures and covered with iodoform gauze dressing and

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Mesenteric lymph nodes in acute influenza Camp Taylor Ky 174

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nervous system. The anterior spinal nerve roots were the first

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left. The X ray photographs were especially interesting.

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from which the median and ulnar nerves emanate the muscles supplied

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outbreak were fully described and discussed iu an elaborate

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hemorrliage suffocation etc. less frequently by secondary

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medullary and 239 extramedullary. The extramedullary included 151

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nent results. Would recommend free purgation and diu

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tongue flushed face hot skin profuse perspirations having

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If however sacral pain persists throughout the course of the disease or

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