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March 1st, 2011

many cases so difficult to determine whether a tumour which has the symptoms
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nothing but a little numbness of the right side. His pulse was slightly excited;
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parts were found thickened, and their internal coat reddened, but no pus
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or mainly of newly-formed blood-vessels, or of blood-vessels
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insoluble. Twenty-four grains of the neutral acetate were given to a dog, and
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hair when combing or brushing it; the use of poisonous
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cerebral matter, two pounds and four ounces; for both lungs dried, and
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does not indicate any delicacy ; but in others the general de-
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the chloroform remains horizontal. Dr. Beatty relates three
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10 years, was admitted, 1st mo. (Jan.) 16th, 1841, with a deformity of both
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near to the adherent portion as almost to obliterate the opening, and
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and circulation. Two vasomotor centers in the brain
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desqnammation; and as for cicatrices, M. Briquet has never seen any form after
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London Hospital, }ie finds that, together with nuo^erous repre-
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case being extremely urgent, and the patient nearly pulseless, there was no
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was, and was told by madame that it was orange flower. It was then
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viscera are the organs on which we should depend for decisive appear-
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of food swallowed into the stomach, yet that this alternated with
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visible arterial degeneration occurs. It will not be long,
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ral results deducible from the several tables in which the facts collected by Dr.
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consult with the physician who treats the patient at
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indeed merely a reproduction of what Sir W. Fergusson has
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ever for it, and 43 make only “token” provision.
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of the New York Hospital, during the six months ending July 1, 1841,
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ing principle of cantharides, even by a very high heat, but that blisters made by
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will be discharged through the lungs, through the stomach
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the gastric juice in the digesting stomach consists of hy-
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