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March 1st, 2011

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Cases of demodectic marge in the horse are rare and apparently
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Hospital and was author of the first work on anatomy
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ing and seemed to become easily fatigued on exertion. He
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child cried lustily in utero during application of the
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sent in the very large majority of cases ordinary examination of the
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progress of inoculation and to see that it is efficiently
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larger vessel in which case a fatal result may ensue
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read his lectures between Michaelmas and Christmas
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pay only from the date of appointment to full pay as staff surgeon.
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who have the welfare and efficiency of the army at heart. That the
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similarity. If due care be taken the gaps in our know
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tioner patients being sent to one or other division alter
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been presented to the laboratory. tases originated in minute emboli which
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not be delayed too long. It maybe employed as soon as extreme pain
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not obtain in the cells of the periosteum the same is true of
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for an hour s physical exercise whicli follows the lines of the school
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sions of ice water combined with frictions until the
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concernant les maladies de I Enfance. 12mo. Paris 1846
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coverings that here furnished the great atria of in
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and constitute about 10 per cent of the whole. 2 A moderate or
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marriage. These people when met by the ordinary trials
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assume responsibility for stating what is the maximum dose and hav
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enforcement directed to the limitation of the activities
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rough subdivision of these according to the predominance of
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even care for proper and truthful sex teachings and ais the
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accovnit of the methods of examination of the blood for the para
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version as taught in the textbooks of obstetrics. The
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ing and may permanently impair the may be quickly accomplished by the
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blood in adequate measure. There are quite as many cases reported
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is as far from being flattering to woman s judgment
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from the description of primary vaccination given by Jenner
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tation is central. Eighth. In a certain proportion of cases the irritation
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tinued in the number for March. Readers at a distance infinitely
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una cum textu eiusdem in pristinum et verum nitorem redacto Bologna 1521. An
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tions of the arteries in fatal cases are singularly meagre. Raynaud
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elevated above the surrounding surface and is usually
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pose the only relation between them with which we are concerned
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addition to medical literature meeting a necessity which we believe
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treatment. For instance iron is recognized as a remedy for
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ently due to sudden paralysis of the diaphragm since the heart continued to
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changes in the joints themselves assuming that here is the
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on the l tality from tuberculosis is clearly brought out by
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been an instance of vagal pneumonia such as is fre
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to explain entirely the occurrence but it is obvious they were aided and
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JxjDD William Henry. Practical Treatise on Urethritis and
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On the other hand reference to the work of Duval and of others
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kitchen. By continually pumping over the cesspool this was reduced to a
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It is easy to propound similar questions of grave import touching
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presence until four months of death of hydrochloric add
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the dyspnoea of recurring obstruction was nearly ex
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within itself an unusually large number of important stages which
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A condition of leucokeratosis of the tongue resembling tylosis
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and we expect every moment the marble breast to stir with life.
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of typhoid fever on the heart and blood vessels 64 Dr.
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There is thirdly the acute pernicious type. In this
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which takes place in diphtheria and all recent investigations
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cardiac dulness. The safety valve action of the tricus id valves may here
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on very hot as istheordinarie Lotion of Allum Honey
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to which no causative factor could be assigned but the family
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of chestnut blond yellow and yellowish white by being steeped
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emphysematous changes in the intervening healthy cells. Such