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March 1st, 2011

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description given of them, resen)ble very much those I have already
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cessive doses of opium. And we further add, that let the subsequent
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form may continue from six weeks to fifteen months, and is accompanied
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among thp most formidable, under the name of white swelling, and the
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the candle goes out the atmosphere is poisonous ; if it continues to burn,
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cases of this disease have occasionally occurred, but a greater por-
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involving muscular fatigue should be avoided if possible. Prolonged
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given in the intervals of the public lectures, every week day.
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that the application of cold renders it more or less a conductor, and
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be made, it was concluded that there was nothing probably like an oc^
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whole back about fifty strokes may be given with each hand, and ihe whole may
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^st be addreMed,#S4Hiei<i. I » Is also pitblUhed In MontMy Parts, eaek PafC«MitalftinK iIm mmm
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at a maximum in autumn, a fact confirmed by many years observation at
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not be assumed that repeated small doses of copper are innocuous. It is
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large a dose of the toxins being injected into a vascular growth, and from
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Formerly Officer for Tubprculosis, Government of India, and Director, H. E. H. The Nisam's
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when exposed to the long journey to Sind. A system of trial was then
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which moves upwards when the patient swallows, and a sense of fulness in
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condly, an efiiision of from 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls of serum in the occi-
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remarkably free from complications. As has been suggested above, the
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Nervous System. — No constant changes of importance have been found in any
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and her strength increased, though her bowels remained hard and
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Gentlemen in the country, wishing young, active, well-qualified medi-
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vesicles are inspected and a note made as to. their quality. The quality
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rare disease known as chloroma or green cancer, in which sarcoma-like masses
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the mortification of «iiently hearing, *<Ton have nothing iilEe this, although our records show that
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passing my finger 1 could discover no bone in the track of the ball, but
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to preclude the patient from spitting it out of his mouth. In cases less pronounced
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or without perforation, from uraemia or other causes ; the stomach is apt
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a truth, the disease was held to be the progeny of the divinities of love
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by the hypothesis of a genuine and spurious cowpox ; and much was
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sphenoid, the lachrymal bones, and even to the basi-occipital. The carious
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the patient, by fighting the disease without going to bed, and by taking
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tion. It is in this case that the application of ten or fifteen leeches to
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liver cells themselves. Benda considers that spread occurs chiefly along
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* pupil, rendered obscure by coagula not yet absorbed.
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interest in his profession, and seems to enjoy his visit highly. I have