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March 1st, 2011

organism called bacillus. Such an organism has been known for
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nancies. In spite of the favourable issue in his case he takes up
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At BEur E. RoussEL of Philadelphia will appear in the
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of gonorrhceal origin 12 of puerperal origin 3 due to tuber
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locomotives the whistling of engines the scraping of plows the
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be strictly obeyed. This is the first buttress of re
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ably have their reservoir in man leave the host in the leucocytes with
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ting out the angle as in trachelorrhaphy did not cot
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many of the severe cases. Retention of urine was not uncommon.
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showed a large amount of albumin hyalin and granular casts.
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the lumbar and sacral plexuses is the same as in man. In observing
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for a certain immunizing process against foot and mouth disease
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ure may answer well enough in such cases of scrofula as require support
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tosis is of the active polymorphous variety of Ehrlich
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lost their characteristic endings but the use of the Case names
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devoted themselves witliont any otlier interest to the
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this paper. There are some individuals who although they
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of this magnitude are no deterrent to illegal practice.
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lowing the same technique with the exception that the end of
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Bishop s Fountill Wiltes where having Since this observation of the fishye
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It can thus be very well understood that a medicine may
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Generally in such flesh wounds the maggots can all be removed with
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nutrition in the urethra and rectum. Pepper is occasionally
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ior. and had no trouble until 12 months after opera
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not be mastered. The quantity necessary for this cannot be fixed
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particular tbe digitalis. In regard to tbe value of tbis as of its
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symptom soon recurred without the former good effect but
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four props two being five feet from the other two and the pairs
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or bowel can be much more efficiently guarded against
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justly claim more of our deliberations than the affluent whose wealth sets
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of great importance and should be strongly supported.
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Endocardial murmurs the influence of change of posture on 81
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spray bi. t trusts more to its internal administration. Between
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gery Rush Medical College Chicago Professor of Surgery Chicago
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A French scientist has invented a method of extract
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dangerous it could easily be stopped. AVith regard to
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Fungi Cryptogamia. They are found on the skin and mucous mem
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and among different groups a fact not known fully until the
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colleges by physical directors show remarkable reduction
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tioned Dr. Louis Schults medical inspector in the De
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while not more than 35 cases in all have been recorded
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five minutes subsequently give from thirty to sixty grains of ipeca
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attempting any profession to practice on an unsuspecting public.
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affected tooth and afford counter force during the extrac
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It was the hope of the roentgen ray worker that by the fluoroscope
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A. having reached us after our February number was out we
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M. le marquis de Vivonne est parti ce matin son train est
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von Luft gedehnt der.Druck dabei vermittels eines Manometers
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of the colonies to agitate the qnestiou of establishing a hos
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little attention to his accident until the following spring
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one is discovered as coming from a house where he was in
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the latter but in extreme cases at both. A diastolic murmur is rarely
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fw graaules. VTien the change is far advanced the muscle is brown
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the skin ingent the pulse rapid and full and the temperature ranging
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cost of ratepayers generally and so long as there is fair accommodation
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attended the meeting from a large number of foreign
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of the twelfth rib and moving a little with respiration.
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and during warm weather. In the three following weeks emaciation
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servations of which 41 were in Avomen. Leudet has analyzed 117 cases.
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not appear to have an injurious influence on the general health.
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tonttnuall toitbout nee amp e of an mo purgation tfcen tbe
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permanent the paralyzed muscles become contracted. When the hemi
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influence of worry homesickness and other depressing emotions
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deiergens the formulae for which have been given in speaking of the
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veins and as a result of trauma or of general passive con