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March 1st, 2011

Skin. Alcohol dilates the peripheral vessels and there
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prise. There was also however cause for marvel as he
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you make them meet over the head. This imitates the
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ducing the cause hereof from an equal conformity of natural
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the most solid contribution to the subject made in this country reported
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laryngitis peritonitis and orchitis. The treatment is less successful
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and though there were no signs of injury to the superficial struc
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between these cases was even more marked when local recurrence
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remained five months during which time she took 90 baths 150
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The fourth pair extend to the muscles of the eyeball. They arise
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en belle compagnie tros doctement et tros elegamment. M. le
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to 100 grains of alkaline salt daily. A third patient with grave
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a victim when still comparatively young in his professional
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triclinie plates slightly unctuous to the touch odorless
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I have at present under my care a case in which a large
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often strangely fantastic still held general sway such for in
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slight susceptibility to the contagium of disease.
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fail to check he ha morrhage the skin shnuM be trjm.sfixed with needles
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with the exception of the midrib of a beautiful pale glaucous color
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dying. Those who have escaped from imminent danger report that
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oxidizing powers can be exerted by strengths which are
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symptoms are so conspicuous that the disease wban prevailing may
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dry gangrene due to constriction and closure of the vessels.
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improving appetite and stimulating gastric secretion aud
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From about six weeks to the period of the return of the
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pronouncement has been given that the signing of insur
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his breathing on that side and give rise to offensive effluvium tc
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Radium is a substance constantly undergoing disintegration
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operation and the complete removal of all infected tissue
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Photogravure from the Painting by Jean Leon Gertime.
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tion. The hyperemia is dilator as eA idenced by the color the
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other physicians diagnosed as ectopic pregnancies with
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treated 8 cases successfully the diagnosis being confirmed in 7 of these
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Sanitary Authority was prohibited from obeying the Local Government
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so far as is known at present no occasion for alarm.
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The indications for treatment of catarrhal inflamma
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groped his way down stairs emerged from his stately
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recumbency in the overextended position until the prog
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have sifted to ua through the lay press of the discovery of
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The physiologists of the earlier epoch had a purely mechanical
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the meatus. Aspiration through the Eustachinn tubes is only
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men deserved some such consideration but not even any consideration
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the same in both epidemics and these in the first to
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fined to their houses not a fourth part of them kept
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February 20 Spinal puncture showed fluid under slight pressure
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of the Rice Districts of Louisiana and Arkansas with some
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labour he states that it is of much value on account
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crease seemed to be entirely in the abdominal region and lower
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The accompanying table shows the special representation of the
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for many hours before aid reaches them. The congestion
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tained within. A omiting is at times a very prominent sj mp
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It is characteristic then of injuries to the ureter
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may be very little increased or it may run up very rapidly.
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Senator Catron Do you think if the allowance was made for giving
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not become too vain nor make unduly extravagant claims. As Bus
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enterostomy in malignant disease but it undoubtedly
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and rhythm. Some beats were audible with a pressure of 310 mm.
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ing through I open the blades and withdraw it so as to thoroughly
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lounging in a ring or in a playful run when suddenly set at
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to private nurse or hospitals and to civilian physicians
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uterine artery. The uterine artery is dissected out for
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said dispensary shall be conducted as nearly as may be in accordance
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thirteen hours after the commencement of the attack.
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relations existing between inherited systematic structure climatic