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March 1st, 2011

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ances referred to by M. Worms ride September number p. 287 because it
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valves as a rule is caused by shrinking or shortening of the extremity
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tion is directed to the apparent resemblance of the essential vascular
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as an equivalent to family strain Jonathan Hutchinson described it as
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must be regarded as doubtful. The changes which have been observed
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best authority on this specialty in our language. On
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last with many valuable additions by Dr. Lee to which may be
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them to the Medical Secretary without delay. The pro
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A second point is her enthusiasm. As Miss Nutting has
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again fired the enthusiasm of a group of workers some of
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The day after the operation he disappeared firom his boarding house and
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microcytes but no hemoglobin could be seen in them either.
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divisions of the Welsh Army Corps. The declared policy
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short course and is shown by a gradual onset of palsy
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substitution of a fibrous retractile tissue and conse
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in the one published in the Georgia Jour. Med. and Sur
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nals of the United States to put their journals on file with the
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which the preface might lead one to expect. The subject matter
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Dote. One teaspoonfol from three to six times a daj.
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the disease. No very satisfactory reason for this treat
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effects of which are so far quite an unknown quantity.
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Otto McGregor Superintendent of the Victoria Infirmary
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for apartments of every description. It is necessary
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quantity A handful of chafl with each feed of corn is all that
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ease is of a more severe type than existed last winter.
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that iamily difeafes have often by proper care been
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keratogenous membrane and presents at its middle the pyramidal
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lysis. The respiratory ce.itres are first stimulated
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cines especially of aloes are very liable to have piles. Pregnant women are
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the students in Montreal was felt far beyond the do
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fortune is to be diminished if these dangers are to be avoided
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practice of medicine by the female sex is by no means of
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disease does not exist and consequently no solution is
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concludes that apart from cases of asthma there may be a
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Since the birth of her second child six years ago the patient has
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as there would be neither moisture nor food material to lead them to
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at edges. Much erosion of patella and some of upper surface of
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either ignorance or carelessness the cows were watered
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