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March 1st, 2011

Harvey Gushing M. D. A Method of Total Extirpation of

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and expectant treatment. He speaks in favor of arthrectomy.

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Externally opium is employed chiefly to subdue pain and arrest local

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cephalalgia for about ten days. The cervical epitrochlear and inguinal

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their etiological conditions as he is the first who has made known

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BuUiard M. Histoire des Plantes Veneneuscs et Suspectes de la

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which produced a referred sensation in the stomach.


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ing them to the skin Peneau claimed that in five hours a lively

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cost of maintenance was.419 cents a day. Of this total

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deficient stature was lowest in the Northeastern Department of

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of science but their true worth is only brought to light we shall

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when added in vitro to pus from experimental empyema

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nal cavity. The usual symptoms of fever denote the inflamma

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exercises it is characteristic of these patients that they almost always

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felt weak and pulled down and had constant colicky pains in

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yesterday. From Gosport to Greencastle the same.mountain limestone

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latter may also be of peculiar shapes and it has been

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consists of 1st a desiccator of sulphuric acid to absorb the vapour

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Faculties of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow and the Royal

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These latter are mosth the ascaris megalocephala accumulated