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March 1st, 2011

several cases of this lesion whose dependence upon phosphorus

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culin he had been very disappointed. He tliought that

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the glossopharyngeal nerve in the posterior portion of the tongue

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plocele gastrocele hepatocele. Congenital arrest of development and of

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Kabeshima T. Therapie experimentale des porteurs de gernies. Experi

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asperating irregularity of the attendance of the aver

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less misery by the kitchen fire and carried him off

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opposite side probably by way of the brachium conjunctivum. Thus after

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patients over 40 years of age. In one instance this form of opacity

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may be repeated when the probability of mediastinal implication is much

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very rare. Whether this is because such beats usually arise outside

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Experiments on the production of specific antisera for infections of

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of Birmingham was elected chairman of the committee on ar

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Street. This interesting section which was opened on

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view of arresting it I gave one ounce of the hyposulphite of..oda

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in the first and second stages respond best to Pneumosan although

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FIG. 8. The two chromosomes of the granddaughter cells ez have flattened

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A early as 1842 Rokitansky described the pathology of amyloid

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help your wife darn some of the basketful of stockings or sew

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find so many cardinal symptoms absent. It is this very fact of the

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phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered

Sometimes surgeons discover neither brain injury nor

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toxic substances take place at the same time. Assuming this to be

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involving the first and second phalanges of the little finger. An irregu

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cance of the Weiss reflex can be made. He has found it conspicuous

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Kraus states that after removal of the pancreas in cats a the

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that she noted that her breasts were enlarging and again becoming painful.

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either as a spinal current or directly to the paralyzed or

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the hard boiled eggs in slices and put into the broth.

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astigmatism in young persons in good health doing a

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being much curved passed upwards and forwards to llie extent of five inches

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average lay readei. dtlierwise it is worthy of commenda

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voyage de Klandrele 1 5 juin prochain a Saint Germain. Dieu

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We advise that wherever feasible girls go to their mothers and boys

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the bone marrow. The stroma of the lungs was appreciably in

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dreds of miles along the Yukon River following up one gold

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Hill H. W. The general character of the problems of public

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evacuations wherever they may be taken during the whole period of

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increase llie sensation of fulncaa becomes painflil and tlie slight diffi

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selection and distribution of operating equipment as soon as the hospital

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try to show that the venereal disease in its progress

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the period of intestinal trichinosis there are observed at their autopsy

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Fennel is also contained in Pulvis Glycyrrhizae Compositus.

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both cases most gratifying. Iron manganese with pep

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Neuroses of the skin 837 Neuroma cutis dolorosum 839 Yaws 839 Furun

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does not occur in connexion with malignant growths in this organ. In

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severe thoracic pains they were felt between the skin and the

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game in kind and extent as in the absolute flatness.

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Gatto creek about forty miles from the Benin bar but

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Give castor oil purge 17 grm. with chloroform 3 grm.

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in diameter which admitted the tip of the finger. The membrane was elastic

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The changes in the muscular structure which very com

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Although I have placed 5 patients as having had recur

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that as 75 per cent of the malaria cases were also ankylos

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in a large section of country that have never been contaminated

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tions of the wards ventilation and cleanliness. He adopts the

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and there are minute deep brown bodies firmly attached to the inner

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ing a turbid fluid in which numerous Coccidia floated but they were

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very small incision. The blood is heated to body temperature by

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Moderate amounts of various ijroteids or their concen

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required applications must be done as their presence is

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in trust for the said Eoyal College of Surgeons any Lands Tenements