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March 1st, 2011

There are two principal kinds of wounds as we saw them
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good water supply and sanitary toilet arrangements et cetera.
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propriate. No one has done more for this organization and its
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affiliate themselves with the Hospital and the University.
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complaining of a chancre of the penis. This pernicious practice
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Left lateral view of endocranial cast of Homo neanderthalensis hauseri. Dotted
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treatment for same with good response but only temporary.
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breathing was labored and roughened and mostly bronchial. There were
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into a stall. The after treatment consisted in injecting into the
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Much of the debris or ground moraine thus carried away by
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turbed. Taste was absent over the anterior two thirds of the tongue.
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The seventy ninth regular meeting of this section was held Friday
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In Chapter XIX the relation of lymphangitis to other types of infec
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school with its connection with McGill could be made as good
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convincing ones will be.found in the reports of special researches
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this would indicate to some that the true benefit from vaccines was
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ing can be accomplished in the way of upholding our profession
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complete coma vitality very low pulse very weak and rapid.
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subcutaneous tissues of some region of the body particular
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the obliquely set flannel trough which is maintained in position
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Howard La Baw Lewis McLaughlin Peters Pierce Playdon
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tary civilization of a country or state by its way of dealing with
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England the practice of inoculation against the small pox. This
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is of great importance. In view of the intestinal ulceration it is most
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Lead Poisoning From the Industrial Medical and Social Points of
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