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March 1st, 2011

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condition, and the adhesions formed a protective barrier.
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this case, we really cannot see why it should not be
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supplied with nerves, and in this particular resemble in-
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So far, attempts at isolating the microspores of septicaemia and culti-
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ing for and liberating the appendix, would greatly increase the probability
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if it be probable that the irritation has affected the trunk of the nerve,
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pearance ; it was being treated with a weak escharotic wash —
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In Mr. Smyly's first case a small stone was completely
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retraction of the head is almost alwaj^s present, and this may be the only
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alone in larger doses, I have seen it flush the face and
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inquirer announced the results of his investigations, in the
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products, the amounts of the latter contained in the air of the respira-
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*The writer has found a solution of atropine, hypoderniically injected,
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simply masked b)' the amide. They cause neither pain
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line Disulphate of Quina, or common Quinine. In this
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Penetrating wound of eyeball ; extensive hemorrhage into
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Secondary paralysis makes its appearance one or more weeks after
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or hypodermic that he may have in his possession, de-
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Jenner' found ulceration in 1 out of 17 cases in which
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The statistics according to Murphy, given in the transactions of the
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contributions of physicians both at home and abroad in
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consideration of cancer of particular parts. The disease is
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Typhoid fever is one of the most serious and protracted of all acute
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methionine, may have better long-term prognoses than
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ing the unhealthy atmosphere of the dissecting-room,
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amount of air. The size of the openings under specified conditions is,
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matter and also the stools were deeply stained with
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