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March 1st, 2011

in dictum and too anaemic in facts. Should the presentation

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having recourse to the knife and the same statement is true of

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In Horses and other animals glanders manifests itself by a formation

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sheath of the tubules may be irregularly broken up.

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class a given case belongs and this is a sufficient reason even

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that of a human being. But we shall confine our attention to the

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in either exudate membrane or wall. The phosphotungstic acid

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by special boat of the Rideau Lakes Navigation Company. This

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extent must be employed as for arterial haemorrhage but it is

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follow and cause death from haemorrhage otherwise the

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what over estimated by the laity and profession alike. Direct etiological

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surface is first scraped and the resulting haemorrhage stayed

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for several years past under conditions which this organization

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marked bony outgrowth is usually found under the bursa

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give practically the same results as subcutaneous injection. This fur

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since the alveoli are less perfectly developed and may be entire

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urine revealed a large amount of albumin six grammes to the

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inched and the teeth chatter. The skin however feels dry

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The clinical picture of the disease is characterized by enlargement of

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not dependent upon organic changes are vagotonic. This neu

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being taken not to encroach on the rectum. Two or three stitches

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tract though when the foetus is presenting naturally and the

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Ventral hernia is a comprehensive name signifying a hernia

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incut is p olonged rest in the recumbent posture and possihlv

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for three months. She ate in a perfectly natural manner. The

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discoloration continues for some time and may spread to parts

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Before studying the importance of the bearing of analysis

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tcrial blood for some time the vessel walls are thereby so

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capillaries between the lobules the liver substance meanwj

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can sometimes be effected by manipulation and extension of the

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warrant a brief suniniary of the autopsies. In both instances

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The one hundred and eighth regular meeting of this section was held

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Of course there were many minor violations of the law which

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the subject in American veterinary obstetrics would lead us to

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