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March 1st, 2011

Patient a large well developed high grade Galloway cow
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The following table slightly modified from Mr. Tubby s excellen
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Two types of nephritis must be recognized toxic and vascular or
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While the attendance was large many of the populous East
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the few consolations that can be urged for the condition and it seems
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up himself without the use of the slings. I then prescribed di
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puscles is in general inversely proportional to the number and
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plaining that one phase of the life of the h ematozoon was pa.ssed
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the greatest disadvantages more especially when called to attend
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made by a layman makes no demand on our diagnostic skill and
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principal causes operative in their production the disability oc
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missibility of tuberculosis of cattle to human beings. That
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by IMeynard of 43 years by Edwards of Old Tom aged 43
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Ik. o attempt at repair. 4 Local bone disease may also
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period of incubation which varies with different organisms
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for distinguishing this cysticercus from the Tcenia solmin with
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e endeavouring to promote healthy repair of the lesions by
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to the spread of tuberculosis and the limitation of this disease.
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convalescence at City Hospital even though sadly needed because
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the general practitioner contemplating treatment by bacterins should
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to make this brief report for the benefit of other workers. The
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ot the drug retrogression of the glands may be ol served. If
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slips out of them and dies. Autopsy Coxo femoral ligaments
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vanced cases second and third stagers whose prospects for an
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simple neuroses of the stomach or in those stomachal conditions which
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venous blood. Ligature could not be applied as the peduncle
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scesses be present. Albumen and pus corpuscles passed with
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them with lunar caustic may be necessary. In large wouM r in pas
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nerves are not injured. The aperture of entry is small and looks
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fall from a horse. The injury is ery common in children being
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those which exist in Tierra del Fuego at the present day. The
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the exact opposite of genu valgum and what has been said above
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closes functional and pathological conditions within and remote from the
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Francisco and the California Exposition at San Diego is available for
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dominal ring and brought to the surface and removed. A good
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movements of the stomach. Other sensory stimuli bring about similar
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those intractable diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva that reqiure
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served principally in those cases which showed no symptoms during life
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pleural sac arachnoid space subperitoneal connective tissue and
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ocular globe of an old mare seemed hypertrophied and project
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le to resort to radical rather than conservative measures.
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conditions which call for medical procedure. When we say psy