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March 1st, 2011

gastric lymphatic glands and also with pulmonary intestinal or
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cases probably exaggerated and leads the physician to overestimation in
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constantly worked forward in the mouth on attempts at swallow
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ment of course lies in the fact that he was pre eminently a
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shape and thickness of oesophagus takes place. Unless relief is
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e Medieal Association at its annual meeting in May
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stillbirths and the deaths from causes connected with parturition can be
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The literature has been carefully reviewed and the book is strictly
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turpentine by injecting doses of two drachms into the trachea.
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tadpoles give when fed on thyroid varying with the iodin content. He
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leases arise from a rachitic curvature of the diaphy s of the
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of a nervous order. Mental excitement being the prominent
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followed operations and made surgeons fear any interference
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that the flower of the medical profession of France is at present
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the simplicity of the application of the dressing the compara
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a. Sudden increase of the intra abdominal pressure leads
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Doctor C. F. Hoover then brought up the question of medical
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to appoint a committee of which the President and Secretary shall be ex
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probably owing to the heat favouring the development and i
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W their way to the surface either directly or by more or less
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jjhich can be ascertained by a physical examination.
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lie necrotic tissue. As the violence of the inflammation subsides
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station work as well as clinical work and for purposes of con
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stump are fraught with the greatest danger. The application of
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which these experiments now to be described are analogous.
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affected but the cells soon participate in the change. The
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mixture consisting chiefly of silica and barium sulphate containing radium
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detected. This had united but the bone was much shorter than
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happiness and prosperity is bound to feel this obligation and to
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is a beneficial proceeding. Should it however become excessive.
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in the development of college policies tactful and thoughtful in
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Pathology. Dauer in studying these lesions microscopically
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dition for three months at which time Mav 1 he developed extreme pain
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mild inflammation of the eve may not be remembered by the
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nuisl be made just above. The knife is inserted verticallv
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A vote of thanks was tendered to Supt. Donovan for his
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The next group is made up of diseases in which we are