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March 1st, 2011

failure in closure of the urachus at the umbilicus.

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with industry." Mr. Fletcher, of Bolton, Lanes., gave an ac-

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show why it failed, and to point out a better way. It would

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in the British Medical Jodbnal last October. We are glad

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It is curious that so little medical evidence should be avail-

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smaller, and the veins less full of blood. The pulse rate

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The Milroy Lectures on Changes of Type in Epidemic Dis-

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At a general meeting of the Hospitals Association held on

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nised that nothing is more ill-judged than to attnmpt to

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obtaining good ventilation, but curiously this has not been

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learned the distinction between comments incidentally made

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would find those bodies more sympathetic with their views,

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read, so as to place the subject before the meeting, and time is given for-

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Paralysis most frequently aft'ects the lower half of the

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gether. This the Committee thought a fatal mistake, and believed that a

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them. But as the needs of non-criminal diseased inebriates

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grains of plants (plant vitellin!, and in cell protoplasm generally (cell

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this point abundantly clear by relating the subsequent his-

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Diseases of the Urinary Apparatus. By Dr. J. W. 8. Gouley. London :

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fact that the woman was practically well for twelve days after taking the

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add that efficient treatment rarely fails to cure the curable

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adoption of a code establishing a better standard of profes-

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lofty, and even authoritative, iilaee in the studies and the

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with reason, that through irritability the living substance is

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dalay Districts, will do duty in the Beigaum and Bangalore Districts,

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tlie new institution awakened great interest in the people of

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of 487, and Ireland 183 against 160 and an average of 166.

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fined to cells ; they are found also in secretions; caseinogen,

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the last ten years, there was, among the rate-supported in-

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and (2) if so, that there was no increase before the introduc-

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