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March 1st, 2011

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festations indistinguishable from those of the functional disorder; it

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the disease wherein secondary invasion of the upper respiratory tract lias

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Well, while we’re on the subject of slim spaces it’s appro-

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She was nine years old, of average size, not remarkably anae-

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as a result the natural supports of the uterus become relaxed,

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tions as puerperal sepsis, septic metritis, diffuse phlegmon, suppurative

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cation of heat. Murphy and Sturm have shown this to be the case.

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larity by injecting either butyric, lactic, or acetic acid or their

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I have several times referred to the fact that the true nature and

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glands were shown to be infective. Osgood and Lucas demonstrated

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It will be seen by a notice which we print in this issue that

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When an attack of epilepsy is followed by a comatose

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mortification of the bowels, the pain subsides, and death terminates the

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can be heard at two inches. There only remains a slight tinnitus, which

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One of the defects of our profession in America is that the general

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The peculiar eruption of pimples or papulae always be-

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No marks of pigmentation are found on the body. Expectoration consists of

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Western School of Civilization, would be sufficient to sub-

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duration. For each succeeding month and 10 pounds more weight,

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manner in which the blood gushed from the nostrils, some large artery,

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quarters, relievihg Passed Assistant Surgeon A. C. Smith. September 15, 1904.