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March 1st, 2011

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the smallpox hospitals shall be by the Board s steam
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given injections of salicylate of mercury one had taken
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fectious pneumonia. Just what conditions modify the responses in
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occur during an epidemic. Prader has seen four cases of acute synovitis
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themselves contradictory having no good effect upon those interested in
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though it must be admitted that a large part of the addition is
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phcations and usually many more than this will be required. Too
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tration has been invariably the commonly called open
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stupor in general convulsions or suddenly from heart failure. Recovery
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obtained from different points on its windings. This de
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It is not sufficient that the communal authority organizes a service
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tensive destruction and sphacelation of this tissue
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the most important are alcohol and common salt. The former would appear
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that time the subject has been extensively studied by neurologists. An
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Student Yes it must secrete some. Most of the combined acid
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cerebro spinal meningitis and once felt it will never be
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UDdergooc tlic tnuuibnuatioD peculiar to chocsj deg Hcnitiou of
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and leaving one thigh to occlude and dilate the os
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PROPERTIES. This salt crystallizes in striated prismatic crystals
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heavy meals alcoholic drinks and tobacco substitution of milk for
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cess pool is permitted within the city limits. With regard to the
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pence to which the drug bill for the year 1913 proves we
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Zurich behaves differently from pneumonia in Hamburg.
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chest and lungs and in all probability pressed close against tbe internal
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BOTANICAL CHASACTEBS. Stem arborescent about fifty feet high leaves oblongo
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mirantur angelorum caetus obstupent hominum intellectus tantae maiestatis
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mother on May 24. 1913 with the following history Two
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pleurogenic pneumonia exhibited a specimen of the last named
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a burning heat the respiration is difficult in the evening
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quiry remarked on the endeavours now being made by the medical
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glands fuch as thofe above defcribed which feparate bile tears fa
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out of account the loss of prenatal life owing to the conditions
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cords is double which is an extremely rare event the voice is gone
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interest and usually with encouraging results but their
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on the right track. With this in ipind he has gone more
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The marine surgeon came to Birmingham on August 13 1897
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tively miknown subject the author goes over a number of case reports with
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who stood around the tubs joining hands. Being investigated
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ably quickly before indeed the blood pressure has fallen to auv
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tion followed hypodermic injections in one case after the
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will hasten separation also often it is advantageous
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intermediate grades and for graduation the completion of a standard
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A condition of leucokeratosis of the tongue resembling tylosis
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ordei ed to constitute boards where there were none. The towns were
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many of them are suspicious and most of them are intolerant
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itrong. Hot Hi uarely under the Mheep and well apart alcio
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lork tor presenting a plaster cast of the Chapelle skull
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shows itself first in the vascular walls. In the contemplation of these
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Loops making them doubly durable and easy to draw on. All g
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kept in the shopSj and forms a good substitute for the Ceylon cinnamon
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combination of ideas the ethical goodness of the disposition could
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the stack as superheated steam etc. Perhaps the greatest of these
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posteriorly. Almost the entire pleural surface is covered by very thin fibrinous exudate
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absence on account of sickness for fourteen days from
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form of sugar coated oval pills procuredfrom Messrs. Burroughs of Snow
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invitation stated that it v.ould prefer to act independently
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In the majority of cases no food is swallowed and nothing but
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Interscapular dullness particularly when confirmed by
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somewhere about the middle or latter half of the twelfth century.
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Investigation of Disinfectants. A joint report by Drs.
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is vaccinated at the time of his enlistment. During
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he died a few days previously from cancer of the stomach. He
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the importance of recognizing at an early stage the
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moved from the dangerous material. Even in the best
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