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March 1st, 2011

steady improvement. On September 6th he was in good condition

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the intestinal nerves and especially by complete recovery. Nicoll says that he

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vaccinated before this shows the great value of wide

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and eleven and might have contained a much larger number had its

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During the convalescence Osier advises the withholding of all

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of latent disease elsewhere in the body. As fJollinger says tubercle bacilli

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A Text hook of Electro Therapeutics and Electro Surgery

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interment arrives for in cases of suspended animation the adop

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doubtedly true as the only satisfactory cases from the standpoint of pathology

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logues of the World he will no longer be of the opinion

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dysentery chronic diarrhea and gastro int stinal troubles. Write t

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I believe that records were worth keeping. I believe that the compli

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hand has been at work and that the poor beast has been treated

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accordingly and often with brilliant success. It is due to the

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the ulcer frequently show signs of chronic gastritis.

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growing in shaded and somewhat moist situations and flowering in April

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and in not over five minutes restoration was complete and

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you that all delayes and excuses sett apart you have and

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excess and is generally a source of much solicitude and despondency

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October 1897 the patient was taken ill with nausea and was

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rith chronic malarial infection and in some cases of rheumatism and

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to many a representative of the great poor he extended a skill which

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quickly but radically extirpated or cured will not result in any

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Szadek corresponding editor at Kiew Russia reports the

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people over 21 years of age only were chosen 103 of the

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This condition is also termed Pneumonic Phthisis and it occurs in

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holds it upon good grounds. Thus speaking upon the afiection

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desirable part of a permanent arrangement. Presumably the

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Patient Do you think horseback riding will give me a headache

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instrument in the dark without being able to estimate the danger

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thus worn there is no need for combs and pins and plaits and

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published an essay containing a considerable number of

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pulse with a mitral direct murmur. I do not see how with congestion

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tric ulcer and concluded that one should operate only

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and its extension depends upon tlie entrance of the poison into the

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grants whose husbands had subscribed nothing. The Chairman con

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To illustrate the method of pitching a field hospital a ground

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time must elapse to permit recovery before the new or

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Whereas A specially appointed committee consisting of Colonel

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corpuscles do not return to the veins after the pressure in

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agam but became ill again after three weeks work. There

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as a living tongue in this vicinity but the personal t pe

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are First a carcinomatous degeneration of the dermoid

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occurring in the eyes it seems very probable that it was scabies he

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The habitat of the body louse is tliat side of the undor

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count of the deficient hydrochloric acid meat should be

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be prevented and the trigonum can be the more readily seen

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When he left San Francisco Ins health was good and no evidence existed

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large tihroids and those which are pediculated or polypoid

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tion. There were still two openings in the side however but

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the defendant. The author stated that since investigating the

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reviewed as tj jhoid spine so that in reporting this case only a

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inundations from the Danube. Damp shady places are its favourite

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containing ten per cent of pyrogallic acid. Six hours afier the applica

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flowers are in small dense sessile umbels near the origin of the young

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are not accepted the very positive opinions expressed must offend

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minutes washing away the acrid toxins by irrigating the

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name of hym or them so doyng and present hym by the sayd

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attempt has been made to enumerate the constituent species of the

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outs. Hyoscyamus and belladonna from which they are distinguished by the

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were slowed in about half the distance. In the words of

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