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March 1st, 2011

large doses produce sweatings small doses of apomorphine stop vomiting
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die hands may be used alternately the one to rest the other.
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lege has been accorded to army veterinarians to become mem
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There is probably no disease whose onset is so insidious.
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palliative powers. 7 Crossfire applications of radium increase its
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the wound aseptic by swabbing it out with strong carbolic lotion
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and with a dark inflammatory area surrounding to the extent of
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must also l e fixed in the angle between the separated digits unless
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tem. Examples may be multiplied of such visceral disturbances
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have not been destroyed by the antiseptic. Instruments should not be placed
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tion are now treated by this means. The bleeding is never Ljreat
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states that when males of all ages are included orchitis occurs in sixteen
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real difference between the two procedures is that while the end result is
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all dj ing. Glutton however has reported a successful case
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such an investigation except for very recent years. An endeavor
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or pegs convalescence may be anticipated in a comparatively short
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unfrequently observed whilst the processes are bounded
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greater advance during the days of which we speak than in any
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a dry firm yellowish and necrotic appearance. The general im
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itlie internal contlvle the limb being flexeil abducted and a little everted.
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the place of absentees. Upon a motion which was seconded
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laws. Now if that is a true definition of education it ought to
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arate and apart from pathology Professor Smith realizes that the teach
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attempt at legislation fresh in our minds it was deemed advisable
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that the injection of extract of spleen into normal animals caused a
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wn as cancers or carcinoniata of which the following varieties
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air bathing it with cold lotion and then redressing and tirnily
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divided into primiparae and multiparae and listed under the
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Symptoms. In the first stage we may notice stiffness or ten
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Upon a very incomplete investigation I gave a narcotic and
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conditions due to their development in the body are as follows
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and involved a very considerable expenditure. But he bent to
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jimonly employed for all but the largest trunks and for its
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from sleep. On several occasions food was regurgitated into the
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cases division of the tense ligaments on the inner side of the foot
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those of Dean of the Faculty in 1895 and performed them with
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The phenicated serum can be kept for from four to eight
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case that test was not deemed rational since neither a positive
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signs of lung disease. A thorough roentgenoscopy showed a tack in the
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possible and it is inconceivable that it could reach this point with
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years. Where formerly the event was a sombre gathering of
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is urged that members and visiting veterinarians bring their
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symptoms showed a deep yellow color in the fluid 570 red cells
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recoveries the fifth one dying from slipping of the ligature. The
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walls being the seat of proliferating papillomata. The W olffiaij
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cation employed. Nothing definite had been expressed in the
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