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March 1st, 2011

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in previous chapters he shows the source of infection most likely to infect
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JIand Sutton in his work on tumours has described seven
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The second meeting of the Central Canada Veterinary Asso
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peculiarities are noted however which served to distinguish the condition
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possible focus of infection should be removed. Drugs irritating to the
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inguinal variety. In bilateral hernias both hernias may or may
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hereafter they will require attendance of three terms of six
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ily progressive when the meninges are diseased but this is not so
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In I le Treatment an attempt should be made to reduce the
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side of the larynx or in slighter cases only of the abductor
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In former clays five different methods of repair were described
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WE HEREBY CERTIFY that all donations received have been prop
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chance of an early microscopical diagnosis is taken away and
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Ariens Kappers have demonstrated beyond a doubt that fundamental re
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sumption of alimenta containing tubercle bacilli could not but
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ods it seems unwise to speculate or argue for or against them
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found in any other tissues. The author has also shown that