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March 1st, 2011

it should be dealt with as early as possible p. 39.

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and he quotes a successful case of W. J. Mayo in which the

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tion with plasma cells and lymphocytes with a few pus cells.

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impairment of nervous control. The congenital variety is often

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terest in the ranks of our profession I believe that as a matter

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forms. The benign varieties are 1 pure hyperplastic 2 lym

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Public Lectures in connection with the one hundred and ninth an

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neuromas a name for which there is really no warrant as what

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Hunter s OperaMon Fig. 65 C which consists of ligature of

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the face or trunk is involved but little can be done. When thi

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began to search the abdominal cavity with the whole hand. By

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On motion the following were elected to membership in the Academv

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generation. The fluid was the color of moderately strong tea

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Saunders the former being especially notable by his splendid

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transverse colon were resected. The patient died twenty hours after the

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administration of tuberculin ought to play any part among gen

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at first since considerable swelling and ecchymosis are produced.

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and necessarily the smallest lamina are nearest to the sac wall.

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general processes detailed under thrombosis p. 271 may result.

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Opening the abdomen and pressing out the contents of the

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ably beyond the limits of visibility. This would not be of great

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through the opening thus formed almost the entire ilium had

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salary from the State but they shall be entitled to receive a fee

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The Clinical Anatomv of the Gastro Intestinal Tract. By T. Wingate

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manner their natural resistance toward a later virulent inocula

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g. Never sacrifice the round ligament it is harmful to

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abdominal muscles. He punctured the swelling in several

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beings than tuberculosis in other human beings. It is very im

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tion for the mother the importance of breast milk the dangers

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before without happy results concluded to rely on drugs.

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for pathological study. The Doctor did not read the very care

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tion occupied by the foetus in utero. To properly accomplish

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