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March 1st, 2011

parture in a dissatisfied and doubtful mood. At times cases

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he does not believe that the appendix should always be re

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This is inflamm.ition of the serous membrane fo.nd lining

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Tuberculosis Committee s Fifth Lecture Season Opens.

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Brodie who was the first to call attention to the hysterical joint

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art until they are referred to correct principles.

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so that if the fat is highly pigmented and also highly unsaturated it

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of cases of the first character in which syphilis was

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The dole is an ordinary tea cupful four or fiv times a day.

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microscope of a high magnifying power it is seen to present a

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acterized by equally marked activities and mental conditions

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priety and derogatory to the reputation honour and dignity of the

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tlio patient s condition did not warraut an immediate

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nation of these disorders often associated with aatlima and

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and prevalent among children its effect is to cause sores round the

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rected to provide suitable aliment to procure sound sleep. As the

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with this all the other complications to which measles


patient is most often brought to the physician and the parents whilst

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Both sides of vaginal entrance usually affected with tissues within

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taking the instructions of the testator he should limit himself to

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total hulk. On testing this concentrated nuid a ain I could not

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In speaking of the work. Dr. West says While we can

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removed the cavity is thoroughly flushed with hot salt

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one symptom delayed or suppressed menstruation in young

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records of public laboratories. It therefore would seem to be a

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particularly in. males accompanied by characteristic changes in the voice

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identical with those found in the vaginal growths. In addition

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be occasioned by translation of the morbid matter to the

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clinic there was found to function so satisfactory and disciplinary control was

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ing material may be discharged through the bowel or

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tite remains apart from the herd and may crawl under a

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Fleury to designate cramps in the territory of distribution

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of other conditions mentioned. With the exception of three cases of

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early benign lesions and thus have an opportunity to forestall cancer

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is difficult to estimate because we must resume that vagal tone

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and which you were pleased to approve of I have the pleasure

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tions as distinguished from the usual aseptic precau

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mina were seldom seen. The condition of the tongue of the brain

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found and this has led one set of observers Dejerine

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nected to their support which is the brain by a continuous cord.

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diflereol from Uioec aithcrto dcEcribcd mtut arise. In spite of tlio ia

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continued rapid increase in unqnalifled persons practising

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of sight and avoid a structure in it that is visible only

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involving the first and second phalanges of the little finger. An irregu

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usually given after normal parturition is required for as soon as

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Terms 5 Guineas weekly. For particulars apply. SECRETflSY Willgrove Wells Somerset

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To illustrate the method of pitching a field hospital a ground

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or two does not entirely disappear on pressure and commences

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and particularly if in severe convulsive attacks in such people

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margin of the intestinal wound is necessary and that

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the patients of the old. The writer obtained almost

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ally dull grey twisted rib liko or columnar odour faint tasto

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the blood discs in the pulp spaces should be forced into

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nature each particular hair of the youthlul aggressor would stand on

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Cause of Pellagra. 8. writes What is the cause of pellagra What

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Naval Hospital Norfolk and to the U. S. Receiving ship In

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ing the progress of the disease had been abandoned.

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established from the general sequence of events that we are dealing

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artery and is most anxious to carry out the instructions given. The

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Amiot in the medical part of which all the proceed

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try practitioner travels on in the even tenor of his way and delivers