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March 1st, 2011

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and diminishing any tendency to spontaneous agglutination. The bouillon is

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The alcoholic solutions of com pigment were tested with a

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that he has placed on earth remedies for all the maladies of

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that satisfactory diagnosis is accomplished treatment rendered

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things in connectKm with this question and at the same

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sensation is not lost and this fact is occasionally of service in the

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nococci in that the walls of the latter consist of very dis

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the uterus and with the apoplectic rupture and destruction of a

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qui ait Nicostratum se Herculem dixisse et alium quemdam se Mer

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tions affecting the health of the Jews in our city

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property as are connected with the cooking and serving of

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Lochial Stains. A stain formed bj blood coming from

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because of syphilitic infection or because one or both

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cases of poisoning from this cause have come under the observation of or

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nected with and is probably due to pregnancy. The only dissentients from

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mal calibre. This case was somewhat protracted by the healing of the

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distinct service in these fields. The health department should strive to

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An Examination of the Sense Keactions of Flies in Britain

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A forced enema is given in cases of obstruction of the bowels and

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No. 3 xxiv state that respiratory infection of rabbits with Bacillus

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diseases of the blood itself except the parasitic diseases like malaria

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inquiry or examination must at once be made and the primary cause of

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the American Forces in Germany was 935 of which 874 were

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Papers for publication and all other communi ations for the Edi

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whether you get that hypertrophic and hyperplastic gland with leucocytic

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zona and is never followed by contracture. It depends upon the nerve

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grees below the temperature of tlie atmosphere. It is but

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vioufly infpecled as explained in the experiments on ocular fpe lra

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second as preparing the way for a social psychology which should

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as large the former to be folded twice the latter four

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currently with these arrangments for the sick and wounded. The

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advances to or recedes from the fulcrum. Secondly is the care with which

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only through some untoward circumstance that the real

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and that with ipowers ranging from 1 000 to 8 000 diameters

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cases that he could not find out about. I offered to pay

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the acute infectious diseases a.B measles Ecarlatina small pox etc. 1mt

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normal in color and show no increase of pulp. The trabeculas

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soning and rapid termination in collapse. These variations will be

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workman should if possible abandon his dusty occupation for other

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only so rarely and exceptionally induced and the supposed

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Changes in the chemical composition of the bile have been invoked

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find small areas of grey lobular pneumonia the alveoli being filled with

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any failure. He reports three eases in detail in which he

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could not consistently with the performance of other duties

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wdth which the discomforts of opening the stomach are very slight.

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they had contemplated earlier and an account of thib will

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For several years neither infected people nor infected rats have been

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fusal to submit to an examination. Hence the evidence being

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Eating to Get Thin Dr. Woods Hutchinson the well known phy

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pourriture et de laboue. J y ai fait encore appeler M. Blondel

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foot square covered with a diphtheritic exudation the throat better and the

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transactions on Fridays etc.. The latter ax e compensat

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hospital. In three weeks his wounds were so far healed

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of agencies. But the mass of the people and most particularly the

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later in life. Her psychasthenic symptoms began insidi

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plained of uterine pains and haemorrhage. A year since in consultation

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given of seven cases which were treated with sul gt

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which same powder is combed off like so much clay in

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receiving a wrench or sprain of an extremity or a non penetrating

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in the Sheep. The same remarks and treatment will therefore apply

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the middle line as possible from the right uterus a female child was

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mixed tumors of the cervix and vagina are probably due

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appetite. Unfortunately many of these patients have an aversion to

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Symptoms. Discoloration of skin. Coolness of body temperature of

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many of them were so altered as hardly to be recognisable.

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not give an opinion upon the question propounded by

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the abdominal walls with distension of the abdomen and progr sive im

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an ervthematous patch or on long streaks with inflamed borders.

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part of the sheet extend over and around the pillow.

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of and after a time it becomes pulverulent it is then heated until

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which contain any considerable proportion of potash or soda are