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March 1st, 2011

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the nasal passages with normal salt solution. This is a

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The conclusion arrived at by M. Goupil is, "that deviations of

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successor. M. Delmond, in these cases, has derived benefit from the following

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vation renders a climate drier and more salubrious in the end, yet for some

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considerably slower, and so continues. An analogous change takes

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modifying effect on the relative proportion of the ingredients of the circulating

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Calomel and opium, and afterwards quinia and belladonna, were

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above years (the campaign of Constantine in 1837 excepted,) was 63, namely:

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pleurisy or pleurisy with effusion (fluid collecting in the

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from this circumstance Dr. Warter thinks that valuable infor-

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Post-mortem examination, — Cranium, — ^The veins on the surface of

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following the injury, but this too was of a local character, involving the tis-

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We have now noticed the only chapters of Mr. Brett's book of which we can

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should early resist this desire for close confinement, and that he should urge

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distress for a time, but it is imreasonable to attribute

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This proves decomposition. The smell of ammonia was even recognizable in

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