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March 1st, 2011

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logical study does not appear to have been made in any of these cases.
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be a question of the adsorption of the narcotic by the charcoal surface and
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electric phenomena according to different cells, whence, modification of the
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some of the most important Diseases of the lower Intestines and Anus. By John
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yellowish pus was found in the needle, which, in smears, showed numbers of
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from 5 to 2 grains, this drug induced a slight increase in the arterial
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ideas out of her mind. Before further analyzing the case there
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the distinction is absolute. All consideration of the subject has been
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employed between the eighth and tenth day, apart from any other treatment
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attempt to relieve the emphysema. The details of this operation are
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surface on which they are dispersed, and so one may visualize a very perfect
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which has no practical existence, since we do not possess a standard normal
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to have bacteriophagic properties in d'Herelle's sense. They, however, made
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offer a means of investigating reflex micturition without the disturbing
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subsequently succumbed to uremia as against three who died a
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of bilateral lobar pneumonia, from which he made a slow recovery, after
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globin (Brugsch) except for a very small part which is carried into
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Let us take up the consideration of the duodenal ulcer. Our
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April 1. Walking outdoors for last seven days and starts for Vermont.
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In this paper, besides other points, the author considers the course to
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course of treatment which had proved successful in a case pub-
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and light baths. They find that both these measures lead to hydraemia.
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they have been passed through the body; and our experiments have shown
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injected directly into the wall of the right ventricle, or when the
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relation in the sense that the former generally precede the latter. The
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variations shown in them as indicative of fluctuations in the power
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term periarthroses — or even pararthroses when it is only the neigh-
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it would seem to be extremely confusing to differentiate secondary
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able, as has been suggested by Dr. Kobert T. Edes, that hemi-
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aching of the gums; pain referred to the ear (internal and external),
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treatments such as addition to the serum of concentrated solution of
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after ligation of the common bile duct, the satne or following day,
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that around the bronchiectatic cavity there was no evidence of involve-
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may marry in two years ; also, that a man with a persistently positive
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Direct estimations of the amount of blood contained in the lungs under
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symptoms, course, or termination of a second attack of measles.
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sigmoid, which was enormously thickened ; there were no naked-eye changes
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cond case of dropsy and purpura combined, a temporary cessation
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celloidin, suspensions in physiological solution of Kieselguhr, and fragments
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nine years previously by Beclere, in which the tumour followed on the
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to be observed and followed, even if the instrument thereby
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symptoms of exophthalmic goitre and with markedly hyperplastic
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