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March 1st, 2011

veterinary profession alluding to it not as a sister profession
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by Lord Lister is an outcome of the germ theory of putrefaction.
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low of Sodbury with whom he began his medical studies. As
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Recently a dealer took a contract in Portland Ore. to
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that instead of an artificial dressing applied by the surgeon the
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present Veterinary Bill. It was moved and seconded that the
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isiderable degree of pain usually of a neuralgic type is often
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lumbar region as possible taking care that the ends of all bones
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Thus the doctor had laid by a little money that he might at
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the healing process since if the base is adherent to some dense
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officer would rather accept the advice of another commissioned
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a record breaker both with regard to the number of honorary
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They are generally removed at the end of two or three days.
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pital wards p. 68 but is now limited to venereal disease. It
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Rather more than twenty years ago 1891 92 the discovery
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To provide for the new buildings and the site and to carry into
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for which does not at present concern us the bones are to be
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longer graft is shoved across the seat of the fracture into the
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of the milk returned as soon as they were stopped. The incu
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tonic. This occurrence was noted only in the dog. It occurs however
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that in their fully developed state they represent the involutionary
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opened with a gag and the temporal tendon pulled well backwards from the
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the limb should be arrested by a string or bandage bleeding encouraged
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derneath are the seat of a large emphysematous swelling which
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people from fear of causing sloughing of the skin. There a
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and chronic asphyxia is a thyroid stimulant. Or in the fresh liver there
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with the sterilized products of bacterial activity is frequently used as
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cases. A large percentage of cases prove fatal but when recov
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According to location these abscesses are classified as super
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advice I departed at once to remove if possible the other seed.
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creatitis and then on experimental acute nephritis stamped him as one
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more subscription swindlers are working in Pennsylvania and Ohio
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genital shortness of one leg unilateral dislocation of the hipJ
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these forebodings have not proven to be well founded. I know
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occurs in the prostate pancreas and pyloric end of the stomaci
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from natural infection is largely due to cellular reactions of bacteriolytic
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and pinching and pulling produced on the ganglia by the adhesions
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that all school children should have their fresh air rights. In the North
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Wash. Joseph M. Good inspector in charge Dayton Ohio
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particularly its practical aspects that are of interest both to the surgeon
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it continues for any time the patient becomes thin and