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March 1st, 2011

causes were scarcely more numerous than those returned in the recent

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reasoning as to material facts or in its application

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There is no record of a professional man having accepted such an

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meninges and nerve sheaths. These conditions are often preceded

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and scarcely five minutes to return. I experienced no sort

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ciently drained by opening up low enough. The opening should be large

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I am in constant receipt of letters of inquiry from

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Dr. Obed Latham Lusk. in the forty second year of his


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glands was sufficient evidence to refute the diagnosis

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other crystals which were probably salts of potassium

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supervenes on acute catarrhal laryngitis. It may arise in the course of

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course of the first half of pregnancy and continues until the beginning

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perforation the treatment is the same as that prescribed for acute simple

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in five years this indicates that the average number of cases of

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disturbance of equilibrium is frequently connected with aural disease

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torsion the compressed intestine is congested covered with pete

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mermann. An important result of tbe disease due directly to the

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sented in the paper by Bayard Holmes on the treatment of

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tion. Apparent shortening 4 cm. real shortening anterior iliac

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stance of a long bone or the skull or abdomen were nice clean

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edema over the site of inoculation. The nates were covered

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to give this fitting expression of our appreciation of his high character and

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experiments that the central nervous system exercises only an

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are clearly defined and it is difficult to suppose a case of

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Control blood sugar estimations Folin Wu micro method were

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quently every change of policy throws them out of em

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and is due to a continued stimulus in the vessels to meet the

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Chairman Holmes Next on our program this afternoon is a paper

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to permanent injury and not unfrequently by an accident punctures

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were all better without drugs than they had formerly

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originally described from extra Philippine material were correctly identified.

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is practically nothing when compared with the former. In

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lines so described must have many advantages that the recorded experience

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would lead to untoward results but such in practice is not the case.

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issued the importance of caring suitably for curable cases of

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f rofessor of Diseases of the Rectum in Western University of

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to the changes in the vessels these give rise to an altered nutrition

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region. The Red Cross Society is giving all the aid it possibly

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other at the end of a fortnight. Irrigation of the abscess cavity is

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looked for from the bloodless methods radical cure but rarely the

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veins are turgid but always cool. Tlie neighboring organs such

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oil admission to the Fellowship. That fee is 25 guineas in the

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the heart is although this is generally the case. We have

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administration to eradicate a gonorrhoea than any milder

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its fellow by the fissura longitudinalis posterior.

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Reply. As I understand your description your friend is a neuras

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Perhaps the most impressive demonstration of the pro

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cutaneous reflexes and often too the knee jerks are much increased.

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papyraceous elliptical oblong rather abruptly slenderly acuminate base

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the abstracter of fat and the dilutor with water to a thief

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fore more felt in the distended vessels remote from the influence

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the injection of protein has a different significance from that of

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which made him a captive for his last twenty seven years at

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Alexis Carrel and Dr. Burrows also of the Rockefeller Institute

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caseinogen lactalbumin lactoglobuhn and the mineral matter.

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In addition to matriculating and passing his professional