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March 1st, 2011

cular, and tliere appears to be no doubt that the three cases

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open a discussion on the Functions of the Thyroid Gland.

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brane, where it secretes one of the most virulent of poisons, which, by

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that malady, and it has been surmised that we may do good in Addi-

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British practitioners in every quarter of the globe and in

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watering-places north of Tynemouth, namely: Cullercoats,

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discouraging failures of the past, may be largely due to ignorance of the

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words of Dr. Norman Moore : " The poor of London have for

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coimtable in rapidity, then thready, then intermittent, and sometimes

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houses in which contagious {sic) diseases may exist, each flag

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it may be for weeks, for the development of the disease in exp)eriment-

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wrist. The adected mus'-les responded well to a moderate faradic cur-

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nervous one," and one, therefore, especially mischievous to

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also be of service in preventing perforation. After there have been

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other hand, which have nothing in common, excepting the formation of

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through, the flow is considerably increased, often to

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then grasp the cricoid cartilage between the finger and thumb, and thus

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the passages into which they are chiefly ventilated being ren-

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attacks of renal colic, each lasting for five or six hours, the

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the matter, and his case was dismissed ; and Mr. Hyman Dyte,

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X. B. H.— Such an announcement on placard or window as that Dr.

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most pronounced of all. The breath is sometimes very fetid.

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ment Board the expediency of the prompt provision of a

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On this accoimt the demonstration of the essential cause of such a

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The occurrences of stnall-pox in the metropolis during the second half

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shnmken, red, and pointed. In chronic cases, which may last from

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autopsies found the typhoid bacillus in the gall-bladder in 2 1 , and Chiari

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color, soft and vascular, and much swollen. There is a peculiar and

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The Library Committee of the Association, which has now

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line with or even below the umbilicus. In the dorsal position the vis-

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canal into the duodenum. This pyloric obstruction in time leads to