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March 1st, 2011

an incision four or five inches in length through the abdominal

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I also prefer to open between the ribs rather than below

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three-fold operation; namely, cathartic, diuretic, and sometimes

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bilicus revealed a deep-seated, indistinct, immovable tumor, the nature of

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times to form large bullse. Their contents are in the first instance limpid

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can not succeed in obtaining them. The truth seems to us to

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enced in getting it down ; but at last it reappeared for a third

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College Journal to renewed interest in the book, I would refer them

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plexy of full habits, where there is a hard pulse, a Buf-

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limbs most marked on right side. Strabismus in left

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bears a real or suspected taint of scrofula in his frame, should

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orbit, imbe Iding itself in the superior maxillaiy. At

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swelling of the organs, and the implication of the coats of the stomach.

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volunteer soldiers 90 per cent, developed typhoid within

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quently from that day until the present I have not given ovarian drop-

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oxygen, which has already rendered signal service in the practice of surgery.

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limb, I placed three or four successive layers of strong brown

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would say that they felt better for the next twenty-

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successor, and has also withdrawn from the Board, being

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Dr. F. W. Patch's paper on '' The Treatment of Diarrhoea by

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frame barracks. Most of the former group were located in the southern

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this position until the temperature assumed a stationary point), 40^.3 C, (104^.6 P).

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were over-ambitious in their studies, but, at any rate, were in

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power of rapid growth. Some parts of this form of cancer may, and

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at about the temperature of the body, squeezed from a

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<fcc. ; diagnosis, comparison of the symptoms with those due to

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has been practically abandoned, on account of its tendency to pro-

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attempt to set the shoulder without anesthesia, I deter-

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(22) found, for instance, that 0.0005 mg. per cc. of strophanthin was required

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undue interference, or what are termed digestive ointments, no

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the effects are prejudicial, nor say any thing as to the lorce or

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In certain experiments recently performed, in which the digested

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subject under the following heads: i. Does an operation

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general practitioner. — Pacific Med. and Surg. Journal,

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hemiplegia. It may destroy life speedily. In a case reported in the last

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It is invariably present in cases of any duration and fre-