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March 1st, 2011

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Trochanter three-fourths inch above N61aton's line.
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surgery is more and more, every day, to resort to open operation in such
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has been but brief in two. Sick-headache I believe to be most frequently
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The next day this pain seemed to localize itself in and behind the right ear.
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dividuals of any other race and that Germany was superior to
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fulness of the reaction is very limited. In illustration of this, it
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of medical care that the well-to-do are able to provide. That
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been a reproach and a stumbling-block to the regular profession
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of Saranac, which has developed spontaneously along the lines
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to take nourishment. Considerable fluid was drawn off from
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instances a great improvement ensued. Whenever no improvement occurred
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Kocher considers the fingers as the best instrument for performing chole-
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notable failures, may undoubtedly become dissatisfied and dis-
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by experts in physical diagnosis, ever since the times of Laennec
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which may be in the blood stream, the case is different. Then
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margin of the liver; it divided the rectus together with the other abdominal
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left. Beyond this, however, no sign of paralysis was oberved anywhere.
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ing has been so marvelously reduced by ingenious surgical
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substituted for a rather major operation ; that the morbidity and mor-
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we take into consideration that this work is one that goes into all the
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disturbance of the digestive and generative organs, malaria,
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exploration with the fingers, we thought it best to at once estab-
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fumes may be materially decreased by certain precautions.
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ment, although, of course, the latter complication is longer in making its
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