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March 1st, 2011

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advifeable to let this heat pafs off without giving

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"When the temperature of the slide falls below 70° R, the amoeba assumes

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Pollock gives an average duration of nineteen months for males, and twenty-

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careful to bring fuch with them ; and letting pole-

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fhould be well drefled, becaufe that will greatly in-

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At any time exacerbation of these conditions may set in, and the patient

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The slightly alkaline reaction of the blood is largely determined by the pres-

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regulation of the mode of life, more particularly for the prevention of

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ulcerate. The face, ears, neck, arms, hands, thighs, legs, and feet, but

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is used in making the usual electrical tests of muscular reaction and to

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end shall be permitted to grow down into the neurilemmal tubes

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Fellow of the Royal Society of London, Honorary Member

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of pus cells. The vomit may be slightly acid, neutral, or faintly alkaline.

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to "toxaemia" does not so adjust herself : she continues to retain salt

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that in cases systematically treated the occurrence of tertiary symptoms is

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botanical position and life-history have not yet been properly worked out.

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Kanthack, Brouardel, Bouchard, and Gautier have devoted much of their

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flexly by irritation of the tongue, which feels too large for the mouth,

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found 7% of the cases that failed to give a shadow when the salt was

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it may perhaps be considered that the mechanical congestion of the stomach

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secretion and excretion, and (c) the secondary changes induced by these

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fraclure, fo, in a wound, is the cicatrix {rorn. the cir-

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stages of trichinosis. Diagnosis may be extremely difficult in sporadic

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tissue is seen chiefly in the portal canals, and often there is much brown

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Prognosis. — In a simple perityphlitis recovery is invariable. In

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microscopic structures dates back to the early period of the Nineteenth

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"symptomless haematuria". A growth in the kidney frequently forms

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(Jaworski). The continued irritation of the stomach by an excess of acid

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indicated on general principles but not so well demonstrated

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