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March 1st, 2011

usually coining on evenings shortly after being put in the sta
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and the iodides as is often practiced in cases of spasmodic bronchitis
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He believes the profession is beginning to accept his contention that
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more like bloodstained gum imless the sore IteccMues sej tic.
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ation in the submaxillary region which is tender painful and hot there
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All attempts to push the tendon back in its position failed. A
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injuries giving rise to anaesthesia with perhaps ulceration of the
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graciously extended by Dr. Rutherford and his Canadian breth
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the interior of the vessel. The condition occurs chiefly in the
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come. Early extirpation is the only means of benefit provided
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his knife into the incision and moved it about. The owner
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to a tri tubercular condition owing to frequent absence of the
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him before his election and in some cases even before nomina
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sards and then the internal carotid in its sheath appears. The latter is
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important surgical subjects which made him much sought after
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Ail anaesthetic is needed and the immediate effect should be to
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these ulcers an ordinary bandage reaching from the toes to
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which destroys annually more lives than all the other diseases
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absent and nothing but the lines showed where they had been.
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All remittances to the Journal should be made payable to The Cleveland Medical
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nnddle coat half going with the adventitia half with the intima.
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September 30 1914. Right radial pulse is diminished in volume but
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sharp cutting instrument but occasionally a wound not produced
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ness resulting from the fracture. Anyhow fracture without
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