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March 1st, 2011

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membranes. The right pupil was much larger than the left.

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to revise the text and to make sundry changes which we trust

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above is the late appearance of the symptoms. It would suggest

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charge that on May 8 last he did cruelly torture a sorrel horse

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not know the exact age at which they were castrated. This

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by an incision through the posterior layer of the parietal peritoneum andl

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the stomach distended from previous excesses leads to pyloro

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zugleich ein Beitrage zur Lehre von der Duboischen Abscessen. Zeitschr.

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Award of the Gross Prize. It is announced by the trustees that

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cation. The presence of the head of the bone in the glenoid avitv

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Assembly Bill No. 212 To reopen the veterinary registra

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those of morphin with the important difference that chelidonin

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all of which must be removed the box stall well bedded and

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At the present time there is no pain and the discharge has entirely

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lump appeared there hard circumscribed not movable bone not involved.

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sion from the experimental standpoint and devoted his time to

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Nose. Throat and Larynx Operations Myron T. Metzenbaum Cleveland

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post mortem evidence of a complete fracture of the femur was

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with my good friend and generous host Doctor W. C. Mills in

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When however septic fever is present and it seems desirable to

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bottom intravenous and intraspinous injections with the amount in

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several hours in such cases the contractions were much increased.

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ber 13 1915 at the Bismarck the following members were present the

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his assistants and even of onlookers whilst operatinf theatres

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centre becomes covered with vesicles the serum within which contains the

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the one on the opposite side. It is interesting to note the enormous

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The Athenia depot of the Newark Branch of the Erie R. R.

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the hngers and thus the hand and wrist are maintained in a

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tained we find that cancer has increased in proportion to the consump

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phat acute form of congestion of the lungs follows ligature of the carotid

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period can be tolerated. In still worse cases a metal sprinjj or

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