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March 1st, 2011

and corneal reflexes. Several of this type were stated to be suf
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the benefit to be derived in head deviation in cording or secur
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jections. For five days consecutively he injected two centi
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between 20 and 25 seconds. Whenever the patient caught cold the con
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of this upward movement but it would seem that the time
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from proliferation of the fixed connective tissue corpuscles of
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so that the tissues are injured and the general resistance lowered at least
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tory but with a negative Wassermann. The patient had a loud venous
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that it has been known from time immemorial as a cure among
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irposed between the lint and the wound or boric acid ointment
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his family his friends or his colleagues no one in fact save
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recognize. The idea has been propagated unfortunately by the
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tuated aortic sound He believes that in a fair percentage of these
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pulling on the abdominal ganglia and plexuses but did not help
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side seemed evident and the child was operated by Doctor C. E.
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cannot do your work. You are essentially a part of the State
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the needle shows that the injection can be made. Generally
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When a person or animal is bitten by a rabid animal it is
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It is also a monument to the energy and faithfulness of our most
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langement in the equilibrium normally maintained between
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immunity to animals by the injection of a small quantity of his
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tissue is interposed between tliem. They are then brought into
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four or five times its normal size and its coats are thickened the
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Corneal ulcers from such causes yield immediately but ulcers of
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the only officers in our sense are the officers of the General
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free fluid in the abdomen is demonstrable and the face and hands show
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in harness for fifteen years since the death of his old master.
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blister is applied over the whole region in three weeks the ani
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once removed and it will be often found that as the patient passes
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indeed the curve from 1880 shows that a great deal has been
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then seriously considered. To support the view that the process was
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without any surrounding zone of inflammation. This reaction
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flammation in that organ. In some cases there is ulceration of
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experience in hospitals has seen many bad results from such operations.
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rapid because the other component parts are much softer and
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chives from New York Dr. Veranus A. Moore Professor of
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P. J. Hanzlik pointed out that the clinical actions of veratrum were