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March 1st, 2011

and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae or Cow pox. The pam

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have three years of nine months each while the last named has

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their outermost overlying saccular covering was skin and each

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tions. It is interesting to note further that all of the animals

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can be demonstrated after death by staining with osmic lujdi.

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procedure is inferior to New Thought or Christian Science

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any accommodative effort. The optical adjustment of the normal eye is

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however as the studies comprising it become more and more scientific

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ed papers on tuberculosis in cold blooded animals showing that

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medical and public health aspects will be treated the evening session

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probably be incorporated optionally in the forthcoming Pharma

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and dogs formula and special price on application. Endorsed

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The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

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i abne is introduced a current equal to about 200 milliamp res as

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most favourable for the development of this condition especia

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Tli e fracture of the tibia has been proved by skiagraphy to ne

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animals then gain a certain immunity which protects them

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weeks on the supposition that the toxemia of his syphilitic infec

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in. In other instances it has been proposed to starve the

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polished jockey boots with handsome silver spurs and he carried

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advocated viz. tarsectomy and Phelps operation i. In tarsectomy

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course of an hour or so extreme prostration supervenes with a

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been found to show syphilitic lesions. Twenty five of the cases gave no

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illustrates the point well. Practically all writers on veterinary

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balls showing much greater fragmentation than those produced

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Doctor Allen was one of the secretaries of the International

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ridicule them. In one of the medical papers which I receive I

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I. The most important cysts to be considered under this head

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reproduced by the injection of pure cultures of this parasite.

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consisting mainly of skin or by a thick fleshy bond of union. In

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common. The facial color is ruddy the hands are pale and

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