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March 1st, 2011

muscles were lacerated. Other organs were healthy but coated
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Left side of skull of adult baboon two thirds natural size.
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same time. This does not minimize the importance however of the
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surj feons apply this method of osteoclasia even when consolidation
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the cerebral arteries various forms of monoplegia or e en hemi
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and his are to form their associations and live their lives He
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other 18 were under 5 000. Average of 20 counts 6 098.
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linine. In the most severe cases the same treatirent should be
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torsion from left to right. No trace of the uterus exists from
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a tense band in the neck is sufficiently cliaracteristic. Spasmodicl
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people had undergone. A contingent of the Japanese Red
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I Treatment. When the aneurism has been situated near the
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The intercellular substance is homogeneous and translucent conf
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In the fall of 1901 two outbreaks occurred one about ten
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with an injury the possibilities of its extent location local and
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organs of internal secretion and the glands of the body and
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the off side of the abdomen. This swelling increased. The ab
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brachial nerves between the head of the humerus and the pad of
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considers chiefly the food factor the energy factor the historical aspects
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species but they all recjuire water oxygen hydrogen nitrogen carbon
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patients will refuse the alkaline saline beverage in any strength or pro
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closes functional and pathological conditions within and remote from the
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advance in the care of the wounded man by bringing to his aid
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belief that those individuals who contracted the cow pox in this
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commonly the ring and little fingers first the other fingers and
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firmly supported with wide base it is freely movable and ap
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The Athenia depot of the Newark Branch of the Erie R. R.
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we met Doctor Allen who had also come to that house especially
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suppression of urine. Later the patient showed normal blood pressure
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is soft uc within three or four weeks of the accident. Some
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in the production of the various minor gastric syndromes. Cancer ulcers
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antiseptics employed and the details of their application yet the
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