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March 1st, 2011

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ing of the subject must be provided for in the medical school curriculum.
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hernia came under observation in a five year old pug dog. To
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tal idiopathic dilatation of the colon is incorrect and will probably
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tation an inflexion is found. The rectum forms a curved loop
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executive officer who is required to bear the entire responsi
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by the unopposed.iction of the supra and infra spinatus whilst ihf
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this connection it might be stated that marked pleocytosis of the
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Med to the tropics especially the West Indies and South
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spinal chord and the sacral cord the nerve fibres emerge and
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the foramen ovale and the bone around the opening thus made is also
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Idirect violence as by blows or stabs the fragments being driven
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jthe top of the outer bar resting against the anterior superior
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the patient died twenty two days after the remedy was withdrawn. At
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fellowship in the American College of Surgeons a distinction
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As for the parathyroids the two parathyroids on the left and
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stance I find in the report of Prof. Galtier that during the same
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