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March 1st, 2011

lecture before the Physiological Society in this city, upon popular errors
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tions. Ills pupils Will also have the privilege of wUnesding such interesting and impoitant casea a«
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to which they frequently emigrate in the hopes of settling or finding em-
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colour, is inspissated, and yields the spectrum of methsemoglobin ; in it are
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known as chronic tuberculosis of the kidney, renal phthisis, or scrofulous
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which might perhaps suit them rather better from a climatic point of view.
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bovine tuberculosis by Koch's recent paper' at the British Congress on
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of the tongue, and is more frequently on the edge than on the dorsum or
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blowing, where the blowing-tube is passed from mouth to mouth. Out-
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the tumor below and on the left side were distinctly seen and felt. The
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immediately upon the use of the creosote. June 1st. The sinus had
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on a higher or lower level, as may be required; in goitre situated low
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gum. A ferule of 22-carat gold is fitted to go below the edge of the gum
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Chest-lifting and expansion, and Double-ai'in-Jieaving , are the most
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tioA by the physician will induce him to discard the disgusting Pessary hitherto in use. [j-lj'gSi
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seventy grains. When death occurs it is usually within three or four
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described by Neumann in 1861, and since that time similar case^ have
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Sanitation and Vaccination are on duty in each district and they carefully
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contain more of the immunising principles Koch found in Tuberculin E.