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March 1st, 2011

been found in the creek during the monsoon. This mosquito was

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ointment. Bence thought that the polycythaemia could be reduced by

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tion between this affection and the trauma however is not clear

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being given be excluded. The 23 complications consisted of lymphangitis

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and more fully set forth in articles in the Medical News of

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dren immunized before they are a year old. Otherwise by immunizing

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brane which is chanu teristic of this ilisease and in preventing it from

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with which skillful breeding can within certain limits do almost

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extent of country. Large thorn trees Acacia catechu etc. frequently

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eases have less to do with the blood than any other diseases.

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nearly died and the fistula remained unhealed. Engelmann operated on a

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report of the last business meeting of the Association printed for

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of the foot had been brought into its normal position

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grammes suspended in water and repeated once at four hours interval.

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suggestion was of much value for our work as it has given

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even in girls of twelve is rarely large enough to admit the little

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be almost invariable in cases of this kind. One ovary was closely

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speedily fatal but in many cases the pedicle vessels being closed by

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the dying or at best comatose races which surrounded them seems

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helpful in overccmirsg a communication gap in overfall financing

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laryngeal muscles which may have been disordered in some cases in which

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begins tn grow dusky or grayish brown then assumes an olive green

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children of the same chronological age. In every year of

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II Prussia see Journal xxxii. p. 507 are not exclusively

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was completely sealed up. The patient was discharged cured

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of those cases in whom during typhoid fever an apical systolic

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It is true that with us the trend has already begun in

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cloths and accompanierl by European foremen are to be sent to

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covered with little friable greyish or reddish vegetations at times

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is ipse dixit and not officially scientific. The first part of

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rarely cxdtcd at othn timcK by LTrrors of diet. The choleim atts

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colony for epileptics is the place par excellence to

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servant of the State but let the State hold the power and accept

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THE Prominences on the Skull just Described. The first fissure of

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herent tissues. If the adhesions be very great and perhaps the

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LiNAS. Articles requiring illustrations can he promptly suppliedly

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ployed. In closing the stomach and in performing the end to

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normally traverse it render this organ much less subject to dis

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that face which you had marked for a beauty. But who

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findings an early diagnosis becomes possible and operation may save

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their appearance. The appearance of granules is however not associated

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than the females and are distinguished from them by their smaller

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ful cases lay perfectly quiet until after eight minutes when

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tion in cases of compensated valvular lesions often fails slowly from

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papers or divisions. In the lirst paper he discusses the

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Here the English and German are inclined to be rather conservative

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bacillus to infectious diarrhea and other digestive disturbances

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The human body is not as formerly but little understood and

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on is obviously true and as on such subjects our accurate knowl

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An eminent clergyman on parting from another in St.

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able tension. This distinguishing feature in mild cases speedily terminates

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In case the crowns of the upper teeth are badly de

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the ulcer frequently show signs of chronic gastritis.

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cool clarify it by white of eggs strain and carefully evaporate by a

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intents and purposes a procedure which most effectually put an

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Lungs There is general capillary congestion. Alveoli contain polymorphonuclear leuco

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Parotitis frequently appears epidemically and contagiously

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anything I had read or thought or experienced in connection

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nephritis backache loss of weight and muscular strength

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it so well is all the justification needed for ita invariable use just

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