Business Politics

Republican Party Contributors

Based on the Center for Responsive Politics, the Oil & Gas Industries are identified as strongly republican — 73% of their total contributions are directed toward the Republican Party. Other industries that support the Republican Party include the general contractors and the leadership PACs (Political Action Committees). Sixty-one percent of their total contributions are donated to the republicans. Industries whose allegiances can swing from one side to the other include real estate, health professionals, insurance, commercial banks, lobbyists, pharmaceutical and health producers, and miscellaneous manufacturing and distributing firms. 

Below are lists of companies that have given major contributions to the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee, and its affiliate committees as provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. 
Companies that are major contributors to the Republican Party for the 2008 election cycle include:
Elliot Management Corporation - $372,290
The Villages - $253,500
American Financial Group - $250,000
Peabody Energy - $179,000
Amway/Alticor Inc - $175,000
Goldman Sachs - $169,090
Paramount Biocapital - $167,700

Companies that are major contributors to the Republican National Committee for the 2008 election cycle include:
Elliott Management - $370,500
The Villages - $253,500
Pence-Friedel Developers - $142,500
Williams Brothers Construction - $107,000
Airtech International - $107,000
Broidy Capital Management - $107,000
Capital Group Companies - $101,900
Amway/Alticor Inc - $100,000
Sembler Co - $100,000
Centex Corp - $100,000
Cohen Asset Management - $97,000
Paramount BioCapital - $87,700
American Financial Group - $80,000
TCW Group - $78,500

Companies that are major contributors to the Republican Senatorial Committee for the 2008 election cycle include:
Alliance Coal - $133,500
Tamko Asphalt Products - $114,000
Kohlberg, Kravis et al - $103,500
HBK Capital Management - $92,000
Blackstone Group - $85,800
Peppermill Casinos - $85,500
Station Casinos - $85,000
Peabody Energy - $82,000
American Financial Group - $80,000
Citigroup Inc - $75,300

For years, the bulk of political donations is generally donated to the Republican Party. However, a certain trend has been observed wherein there is a gradual increase in the number of companies that give contributions to the Democratic Party. Some companies are observed to be slowly shifting from the Republicans to the Democrats. Nevertheless, Republican supporters are still getting a large portion of the pie from their supporters over the last decade. For example, one of the world’s leading tobacco companies, Altria Group, gave out $3.1 million to the Republicans in the 2002 election cycle; the sum was 77% of the total contributions the company gave out to politicians in that period. The percentage came down to 64% in 2004 followed by 63% in 2006 and in the 2008 election cycle, their donation to the Republicans drastically went down to $355,320, which only comprises 51% of its total contributions. Another company, United Parcel Services, doled out 72% of its total contributions to the Republicans in the 2002 cycle, which came down to 56% by the 2008 election cycle.