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What Do Retired Politicians Do?

Most politicians who leave their political careers generally return to their various lines of business prior to holding political positions. Some retired politicians who were formerly lawyers have formed their own law firms. Others have also pursued their career in teaching.

Nathaniel Dialus, for instance, who was a former U.S. Senator from the state of South Carolina, resumed his practice of law after leaving public office. Charles Curtis, a former member of the U. S. House of Representatives of the 2nd District of Oklahoma, accepted a teaching fellowship at Harvard University that specializes in U.S. politics. Curtis also contributed some writings to various publications.

A number of retired politicians do not just focus on one particular career, but instead engage themselves in different activities or endeavors. Rudy Giuliani for example, established a security consulting business firm after leaving office as mayor and he later acquired an investment-banking firm which was later sold. He also joined the Bracewell & Giuliani law firm and as well as helped in the campaigns of Republican candidates for political offices at all levels. Typically, former politicians help campaign for different present political figures that they are in favor of.

Some retired politicians are also active in their different advocacies for a variety of causes. Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States, now remains to be a vigorous environmental activist. He starred in the film documentary about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, which earned him an Academy Award. He has also helped organize a benefit concert for global warming in 2007. Gore was also awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Ben Campbell, former U.S. Senator from Colorado, is now lobbying for diverse areas of concern, representing American Indian tribes, municipalities, and companies. Campbell also currently manufactures and markets his Nighthorse jewelry line. He has also designed a jewelry pendant, which is now sold by the National Museum of the American Indian in order to raise funds.

Moreover, there are some retired politicians who have published their own books, among them former U.S. senators Max Cleland, William Cohen, and Jean Carnahan. Several retired politicians also serve on the board of directors of various corporations. Others have established their own businesses such as lobbying, finance, and business consulting firms.