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Welcome to the profiles section of Business Politics.

Political leaders come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Many political leaders enter into politics from a career in law, which is a natural segue into the business of policy making, regulations, and government mandates. Others enter into politics from careers as businessmen and businesswomen. Some politicians were once celebrities. Others have had distinguished careers in the military.

Many political careers do not last a lifetime! Although some politicians can hold officers well up into their old age, others serve only a set term or are voted out by another candidate. What do politicians do after politics? After exiting the political arena, some politicians retire into private life to spend time with their families, engage their hobbies, or become philanthropists. Other politicians continue with their political passion by using their name and contacts in support of lobbying efforts. Still others go into business.

Business politics explores the career choices of those politicians who once were–or later choose to become–businessmen or business women, lobbyists, lawyers, celebrities, philanthropists, etc. The profiles section also recognizes the importance that businesses themselves have to play in the politics of business. The profiles in this section of this website highlights the career paths of some prominent political figures today as well as companies run by former politicians or who are powerful influencers in the political arena.