Business Politics

Groups Influencing Politics

There are many different kinds of groups that influence politics. Nonprofit organizations, lobbying groups, and businesses all contribute to legislation and the political process, either by raising money, representing an interest group, or chasing legislation in Congress.

Lobbying Firms

Lobbying firms are companies that hire lobbyists to represent special interests supported by the firm. Lobbying groups can be big or small. The larger ones often do more for causes than strictly lobbying. The other operations undertaken by lobbying groups includes public relations, education, scholarships, philanthropy, etc. Some lobbying groups are subsidiaries of larger public relations firms.

The lobbying groups featured on this site include some of the largest and most recognizable firms in the United States. Other lobbying groups include those specifically tied to retired politicians, organization, religious groups, or businesses with a heavy hand in influencing political affairs through a variety of lobbying efforts.

Examples of lobbying firms include the following:

  • Arent Fox PLLC
  • Ashcroft Group
  • Baker Donelson Bearman & Caldwell
  • Bannerman & Associates
  • Berman & Co.
  • Bergner, Bockorny, Castagnetti, Hawkins & Brain
  • Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly
  • Blank, Rome, Comisky and McCauley
  • Bob Lawrence & Associates
  • Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft
  • Carmen Group Lobbying
  • Capstrat
  • DCI Group
  • ECC
  • Giuliani Partners
  • Gold & Liebengood
  • Holtzman Vogel, PLLC
  • Hunzinger AG
  • JD Consulting (Jill Gimmel Daschle)
  • Jefferson Consulting Group
  • Kimbell Sherman Ellis
  • Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti
  • Kogovsek & Assoc. Inc.
  • Lesher & Russell
  • Mehl, Griffin, & Bartek
  • Mickey Ibarra and Associates
  • Patton Boggs
  • Pozitiv Communications
  • PwC Consulting Ltd.
  • Quinn Gillespie & Associates
  • S. R. Wojdak & Associates
  • SPS Consultants
  • >Wexler and Walker Public Policy Associates
  • Whitman Strategy Group


Companies are businesses. Profiles of companies on this site feature businesses that are often referred to in the political arena for the company’s heavy hand in the election process, lobbying efforts, support of legislation, or other political matters. Companies both large and small can have an effect on government affairs.

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations exist solely to influence the political process on behalf of individual interests. Other nonprofit groups keep an eye on political affairs and get involved for hot-button issues. Non profit organizations represent a variety of social, economical, civil, religious, and political agendas.