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Christian Coalition of America

Christian Coalition of America

The Christian Coalition of America, which was formerly called the Christian Coalition, Inc., is a political organization that consists of Christians of various denominations including Christian evangelicals, fundamentalists, charismatics, Roman Catholics, neo-evangelicals, and other members of Protestant churches. Founded in 1989, the organization claims to be the largest and most active conservative grassroots political advocacy group in the United States with over a million members, although another report suggests that the group has only 300,000 to 400,000 members. They vigorously lobby the Congress and the White House on various issues and conduct grassroots trainings across the country. They also organize events all around the United States and in Washington, D.C., as well as coordinate community activists concerning issues facing their local government. The organization is known for its efforts on voter education, distributing to millions of Americans nonbiased voter guides that provide them with information about different candidates and their stands on specific issues.

Who they represent

The coalition works to be the voice of people in faith by getting involved in influencing the decision-making of the government and in making sure that the government acts in ways that make families stronger.


After the unsuccessful candidacy in the 1988 Presidential elections, Rev. Pat Robertson founded the Christian Coalition Inc., using the remainder of his campaign machinery. “Americans for Robertson” was able to collect a mailing list of millions of conservative Christians who were concerned about politics. This mailing list became the foundation for the coalition. In 1989, Ralph Reed began to supervise its daily operations. In 1992, Christian Coalition, Inc., held its headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia and produced voter guides, which were distributed to conservative Christian churches. In 1995, the organization introduced “Contract with the American Family” for consideration by Congress. The contract was a manifesto that maintained that the country should eliminate all major federal welfare programs and that they should be turned over to private and religious organizations. The provisions stated in the contract included promoting school choice, returning control of education to the local level, protecting parental rights, restoring respect for human life, restricting pornography, preserving religious equality, privatizing the arts, reducing tax burden on American families and promoting support of private charities.
In 2000, Roberta Combs succeeded the Presidency after Robertson stepped down from the position and since then, the coalition got involved in several controversies. In 2002, the staff was cut back and their offices transferred from Washington, D.C. to a suburb in South Carolina.

Current Issues

The coalition remains to be a strong advocate in a number of issues such as protecting religious programming; keeping votes for human embryonic stem cell destruction research bill to its minimum and increasing the funding for adult stem cell research; effort to obtain votes on a Federal Marriage Amendment; passing “Net Neutrality” to guarantee fairness for all people on the Internet; supporting legislation that halts religious discrimination against evangelical Christians in the military; and protecting the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which were enacted into law, including income tax cuts, death tax cuts, child tax cuts, small business tax cuts, and others.