Business Politics

Individuals Influencing Politics

Individuals are major contributors to the political process and can have a profound influence on political affairs. Many of the powerful groups that have a heavy hand in dealing with Congress are founded by individuals, and it is an individual’s voice that spreads knowledge and drives reform. Although anyone can contribute to the political process, it is generally those with a career in politics, lobbying, or law that are the most prominent figures. In some cases, businessmen and people in media (such as political commentators, satirical authors, or radio show hosts) have a powerful impact.


Politicians run Federal, State, and local governments. At the Federal level, politicians include the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, members of Congress in the Senate and the House of Representatives, etc. Politicians at the state and local level include State Governors, Lieutenant State Governors, town mayors, members of the city council, etc. Politicians at both the federal and local level are stewards of the nation. They are legislators elected by the public who pass laws, approve budgets, and make appointments.

Some political offices are full time jobs that require extensive commitment and long hours. Other political offices require commitments for part of the year. Still others require only partial commitment of meeting only periodically.

The politicians featured on this site are prominent names in the world of business as well as the world of politics.


Lobbyists are individuals employed to influence legislatures to vote for specific legislative actions. Lobbyists often represent points of interests or particular groups. They conduct research and are employed to equip politicians with accurate knowledge in order to persuade of the importance and urgency of particular issues.


Men and women is business can be particularly influential with a political party, political agenda, or particular politician. Businessmen and businesswomen are sometimes accused of influencing political trends for the furtherance of their business interests, but just as often (if not more often) businessmen and businesswomen contribute to political causes due to a general interest in political issues, patriotism, or allegiance to party lines.

Media Personalities

Many media personalities have an impact on American politics. Figures like Rush Limbaugh are often equated as mouthpieces of a political party. Likewise, political commentators, authors, satirists, and late night show TV hosts use media to influence a broad audience.


Because law and legislation are intimately connected, many politicians start out as lawyers for issues in public policy before garnering positions in local, state, or federal government. Likewise, many politicians become lawyers or found law firms upon retirement. In many cases, there is overlap as to whether an individual is better considered a lawyer or a politician. Oftentimes it is both, or is largely inseparable.