Business Politics


  1. Emerging Products

    Emerging Products is a website that keeps abreast of innovations and emerging products that you may like. Emerging products features reviews of hot an d trendy items that has consumers buzzing. Emerging Products focuses on products designed for the average person, especially products in niche markets designed for a specific group of people. Emerging Products also includes informational resources on the history of invention, and a number of relevant resources.

  2. Trends of Success

    Trends of Success is an informational site that profiles the stories of successful businesses, business men, and world leaders. The site highlights trends of success that should be imitated by showing how successful individuals have overcome discrimination, cultural barriers, and other various hardships through education, determination, and vision. Trends of Success is an inspirational site for people who are looking for news stories, resources, and examples of successful individuals in a variety of industries.

  3. Leaders in Tech

    Leaders in Tech is an informational resource profiling leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in the technology industry. The website highlights leaders in tech with growing influence in a variety of specialized fields who have contributed to society in a significant way. The contributions of technological leaders include examples of business-changing innovations and practices that have changed the modern world. Profiles of technological leaders at Leaders in Tech include the name of the individual, the company they work for, the particular industry they have impacted, the team they work with, and the accomplishments that make that person a notable leader in technology.

  4. Charitable Activities

    Charitable Activities is a website that helps to spotlight corporations that make philanthropic efforts to support charitable activities that help those in need. Charitable Activities includes information about the history of philanthropy as it pertains to corporations in America, resources about other philanthropy-related websites, and company profiles of charitable corporations listed in alphabetical order. The information included in the profiles of companies include information about the company’s leadership, the kinds of charitable activities the company supports, and related areas of concentration.

  5. BZ Advisory

    Business Advisory is a website that provides current information about business executives, entrepreneurs and innovators through written profiles, articles related to pertinent business operations, and BZ advisory news and updates. BZ advisory news is an educational resource with a focus on indirect advertising, web publishing, internet marketing, business vision, and tactics in sales. BZ Advisory should be used as a starting point to learn about prominent figures in the business world. The accompanying resources facilitate continued learning and the pursuit of education by example.