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An article from The Wall Street Journal titled “Greenspan Sees Bottom In Housing, Criticizes Bailout” illustrates what former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan thinks about the U.S. government’s approach in sustaining Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, further censuring that the business model of these two mortgage giants threaten the country’s financial stability. released an article, “Don’t Blame Free Markets for Economic Woes, Alan Greenspan Says,” wherein former central banker Alan Greenspan forecasted the possibility of more banks and financial institutions to be bailed out by governments, additionally stressing that the crisis will end once home prices in the country will begin to stabilize.

An article from titled “Housing, Economy Still Far From Recovery: Greenspan” describes how the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan helped step up the stock market’s slide through his optimistic yet realistic comments.

A biography of financial expert Alan Greenspan found on his website details his personal life and his career beginnings up to his momentous designation as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

An article from titled, “Alan Greenspan Says Market Crisis ‘Inevitable’” details his views about the ongoing credit crisis as something that was to be anticipated regardless of what caused it.

A Reuters UK report, “Bear Rescue Was Job For Treasury, Not Fed: Greenspan,” talks about former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan explaining that the Treasury Department should have backed the emergency sale of investment bank Bear Stearns, and not the Federal Reserve.

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, talks to CBS’ 60 Minutes as he defends himself against criticisms regarding the meltdown of subprime lending through its low interest rates.

According to an article from The Sydney Morning Herald titled “Greenspan Wants Government Company to Sell Assets,” Alan Greenspan suggests how monetary intervention from the Fed reduces the flexibility of monetary policy.

An article from The Wall Street Journal titled “Greenspan Excerpts: Housing Stabilization Key to Crisis End” lists a number of excerpts from an interview with the notable economist Alan Greenspan regarding how to stabilize the current housing crisis.