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Cemex - Environment and Air Quality


CSR wire chronicles the actions of corporations and their commitment to social responsibility and environment quality. Cemex’s Constumex is sited for its program that gives loans to Mexican immigrant wanting to build houses.

The third quarter in 2006 marked, CEMEX’s 100th year of quality business. The third quarter also saw a large increase in revenue for the Mexican based cement supplier.

The Mexican stock market reached an all time high due to the rise in CEMEX’s stock. The Mexican cement company recently sold $1.25 billion in bonds and took over an Australian based cement company.

Facts from the EPA about CEMEX’ environment report in California.

Article about how CEMEX (California) achieves Profitability with in Environment sustainability and Air Quality

Portland Cement Association, in cooperation with Cement Americas magazine honored several cement companies with environment excellence awards. CEMEX received awards for innovation and land stewardship.

Leading cement manufacturer CEMEX receives environment awards for energy and air quality.

CEMEX is planning to devote $120 million to renewable energy, environment, air quality and CO2 emission reduction projects by 2012.

The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency agreed to allow CEMEX the ability to use tire derived fuel in a cement kiln. In order to monitor air quality, CEMEX will install emissions monitors and conduct stack tests.

Cement Americas announces CEMEX’s acquisition of UK based building supply company RMC. The takeover is the largest and most expensive takeover conducted by a Mexican based company.

In issues of energy, land stewardship and air quality, CEMEX Davenport Wins Overall Environmental Excellence Award.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency created a directory for listing environmental facts about a variety of companies. CEMEX California Cement LLC occupies space within the directory.

Facility Registry System, an informational tool provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, lists facility details about a variety of corporations. CEMEX California is included in the system.

California Mining is committed to education and advancement in mining. The site publishes news about mining, including CEMEX California’s win in its legal battle with the Center for Biological Diversity.

MacRAE’s BLUE BOOK serves as the industrial directory for the online yellow pages. CEMEX California, located in Azusa, CA., is listed in the directory as a construction materials company.

Career Builder allows the user to upload and post resumes as well as search for jobs. CEMEX has over 30 job postings for positions in California and throughout the United States.

World Environment Center Honors CEMEX at the 2002 WEC Gold Medal Presentation Ceremony.

CEMEX Recognized with Land Stewardship Award for Environment Efforts at California Cement Operation.

Article in Find Articles reports that CEMEX Davenport Wins Overall Environmental Excellence Award.

Information about industrial cement companies like Cemex and air quality