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Washington Street Journal reports: “John McCain came to this ritzy seaside town to meet with George H.W. Bush Monday afternoon—and, at the same time, gave the news media a glimpse into the current life of the country’s 41st president.”

AFP reports: “US President George W. Bush on Monday told US athletes bound for the Beijing Olympics that they will be “ambassadors of liberty” representing US commitments to “human rights and human dignity.”"

AFP reports: “US President George W. Bush promised Kosovo’s visiting president and prime minister Monday he would try to convince more nations to embrace formal diplomatic ties with their young country.”

North Star Writer’s Group reports: “The last few State of the Union speeches, President Bush has warned darkly that the nation needs to break its oil addiction.”

AFP reports: “The White House has torn up its familiar playbook and is embracing diplomacy in addressing some of its thorniest foreign policy challenges — among them stalemate in Iraq and Iran — in the waning months of George W. Bush’s presidency.”

YNET News reports: “For years, the American Administration rejected out of hand any possibility of negotiations with Iran, the leading member of the “axis of evil.” Yet now, with only a few months left in office, President George W. Bush is suddenly changing course.”

Business Week reports: “Breaking with an 18-year ban imposed by his father, President George W. Bush recently lifted an executive order prohibiting oil exploration in U.S. coastal waters.”

Financial Times reports: “George W. Bush has agreed to commit the US to a “time horizon” for withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq, marking a significant shift by a president who has long opposed setting target dates for ending the war.”